My Life Time-Line

  • I was Born

    I was Born
    At a whopping 7 pounds, 9 ounces, I was ready to take the world by storm
  • Hospitalized

    I had been very sick for multiple days before a hospital would admit me. I was very small and young for my age bt I have one memory from that night. I laid in bed with my dad and fell asleep in his arms. I've trusted him to help protect me ever since.
  • Moved to KC

    Moved to KC
    I was suddenly in a new town, without friends, and my two older brothers wanted nothing to do with me. My mom was busy unpacking and my dad was settling into his new job so it was up to me to make friends with Alicia (Or at least how I take the events)
  • Reading Counts

    Reading Counts
    I got over 200 points that year in reading counts (which for a second grader was a lot) and learned to love reading. I continued to try and get point for the love of it, not because my teacher asked me to.
  • Period: to

    Played Volleyball

    I played volleyball for a large majority of my life and it helped form myself as an athete, a leader, and someone who could make commitments and stay dedicated to them.
  • Period: to


  • Recieved my Permit

    Recieved my Permit
    I wanted to begin drivingand experience the freedom that comes included with a car. I needed it so I could get my license and had control of that freedom.
  • AP Scores

    AP Scores
    My AP score got recalled because of a map in the room. Luckily, i didn't have to retake it
  • Drivers License

  • First National Qualifiers in debate

    I went to Nat Quals in Public Forum. We didn't go far but I had fun and got to do a senior send-off with my partner
  • First Job

    First Job
    Got my first job at Amity Woods Animal Hospital
  • AP Scores #2

    AP Scores #2
    Found out I got a five on my AP Psych test, my second AP test 5
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    Graduate from Park Hill High School and begine preperations for Nursing school
  • First Day of College

    First Day of College
    Going to start studying for pysciatric nursing
  • First Finals Week

    First Finals Week
    Help. HELP!!!!!
  • Graduate college

    Graduate college
    I will finish my Nursing school degree and be ready for interships and such before my finalized job.
  • Begin Job

    Begin Job
    I will begin working as a psyiatric nurse (if granted into med school) and put my two passions, helping people and psychology, together in a good way.
  • Period: to


  • Get Married

    Get Married
    I say, "I do" for the first (and hopefully last) time in my life.
  • Get Engaged

    Get Engaged
    I get proposed to by my loving boyfriend and yell yes!
  • Turn 30

    Feel happy. It's just a number, right?,,,
  • Have first child

    Have first child
  • Have second Child

    Have second Child
    Have my second (and hopefully) last child before I get too old to want more kids or have any! ;)
  • Take a break

    Decide to leave nursing for a little to help raise the children
  • Start saving for traveling

    Never too early to look at a vacation
  • Go back to work

    Return to nursing now that my children are more grown and responsible
  • New Car!

    My first child is getting dangerously close to 16. She can have my old car while I get an upgrade ;)
  • Go to graduation

    Go to my first child's graduation. I will be the mom with tears in her eyes on the way there
  • Go back to Graduation

    I guess I have to go to the second one's too...
  • Surprise!

    NOT PREGNANT! Just a surprise birthday party for the hubby
  • Sold house

    FINALLY downsized
  • Go exploring

    Go cave splunking in the Bahamas. One way to celebrate no kids!
  • Go to Rome and explore Italy

    Go all around Italy for a romantic vaction with the husband for a month! A surprise for the wedding anniversy!
  • Grandchildren

    I will welcome at least one more member of the family into our lives forever
  • Retire

    After many years of hard work and dedication, it is time I got out of the field and focused on my own family 100% of my time and care for and love them. And my grandkids!
  • See the Pyramids & Grecian Ruins

    See the Pyramids & Grecian Ruins
    I want to see the ancient history and the beauty of these places. But most of all, I want to be able to get those pictures and walk the entire trip all by myself. No walker, no cane, no wheelchair. All me (and hopefully my husband) to marvel
  • Period: to

    Travel the world

    I saved a lot of money. Hubby and I are bored. Let's collect as many stamps as we can!
  • Death Day

    Death Day