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Amy's Past, Present, Future Timeline Project

  • Birth

    Born in Canon City Colorado to Dave and Mary Gilbert.
  • Period: to

    Past: Childhood- Tween years

  • Family Description

    Family Description
    Dave Gilbert(dad)- 55, He works at BLM as a fisheries biologist, he loves animals and is family. He always has something to do!
    Mary Gilbert (mom)- 54, She is extremely loving and will do anything for me.
  • Loved for the first time

    Loved for the first time
    I don't really have a certain moment that made me feel loved for the first time... I have always felt loved
  • 3 Defining moments

    3 Defining moments
    Age 3-6. I got lot's of exposure to the ocean and ocean life, definetly was a defining moment, because I started to grow an interest in ocean life and now it's what I want to do when I am older.
    Age 9- 2 family friends died, eeing the grief of their family/friends made me grow up and realize how precious life is, and to be thankful for what you have.
    Age 9- I went to horse camp, it helped me build relationships with people my age, and helped me "morph" into my own person, and become more social.
  • Role of Morality/Religion

    Role of Morality/Religion
    Morality- My parents taught me right from wrong, and it's made me a better person today and helped me succed.
    Religion- Growing up I never really went to church, but I, (along with my family) am a christian.
  • Dissapointed by a family member

    Dissapointed by a family member
    I can't remeber a time I was dissapointed by a family member.
  • Parents Handling Conflict

    Parents Handling Conflict
    My parents handle conflict by depending how bad it is, either talking it over and handling it maturaly.. or Arguing and fighting but then getting over it within a couple of days.
  • Parents Handiling Money

    Parents Handiling Money
    My parents handle money by they both Save, and Spend. My mom is more of the spender and my dad is more of the saver, but for the most part it works out to where the save more than they spend! Sometimes they argue over it, but it has never really been a problem.
  • Memorable Accomplishment

    Memorable Accomplishment
    My most memorable accomplishment would be in 5th grade when I received the "Presidential Award" which means I had Gold Honor Roll every Quarter from 2nd-5th Grade!!
  • Happisness as a child

    Happisness as a child
    For me as a child happiness looked like being outside and spending time with my animals! Hanging out with my family and doing anything oudoorsy!!
  • Change One Thing

    Change One Thing
    If I could change one thing about my childhood it would be the chance to grow up with an older brother/sister! I think it would have been really cool to have a sibling growing up, because sometimes I had nothing to do and nobody to do it with!!
  • Period: to


    Present times/ Highschool times
  • Event/Person- Loved for the first time

    Event/Person- Loved for the first time
    Not for the first time, or a specific time.. Because I have always felt loved.. But all together just how much my parents care about me and are willing to do anything and every thing for my happieness.
  • Most memorable accomplishment

    Most memorable accomplishment
    My most memorable accomplishment would be Recovering from a serious Knee surgery and getting back into sports and being my old "always on the go" self!!
  • Contribute to my world view

    Contribute to my world view
    Younglife- Younglife has greatly impacted my life and world view! It gave me as sense of " welcoming" into highschool, has given me endless amounts of fun times and laugh, plus strengthened my relationship with God!
  • Conflict with Peers/Parents

    Conflict with Peers/Parents
    I ususally handle conflict with my Peers/ Parents in an adult fashion, such as talking about the problem. If there is any argument we usually get over it soon after the conflict.
  • Influential Person

    Influential Person
    The most influential person in my life are my own parents, I look up to them so much and hope to be half as good of people/parents when im older as they are today!
  • Moneyyyy

    I honestly spend the most money on Food... I usually earn a lot of money at once and then I have it in my head that "I'll never spend this all" but i do... I'm mostly a spender, but I do have quite a bit in my savings account. I get most of my money from babysitting, and chores my parents need done.
  • Happieness looks like

    Happieness looks like
    For me in highschool, Happiness looks like Hanging out with friends, Doing things with my family and animals... Younglife, soccer, social events, Traveling, Outdoorsy type stuff, and getting good grades!
  • Period: to

    Future: Life after high school- Retirement

  • After Graduation

    After Graduation
    After Graduation i would like to go to a college hopefully near the ocean to get my masters in Marine Biology, and then minor in Comparative Psychology (Good Degrees to get to be a dolphin trainer)
  • Where to live

    Where to live
    When I move out I will want to live somewhere coastal, because to make it as a dolphin trainer I need to live somwere close to where ill be working. I'd like to get as big and as nice of a house as possible!!
  • Career goals

    Career  goals
    My career goals is to be a marine biologist that "specailizes" in dolphin training, hopefully at the dolphin research center in Grassy Key Florida!! Also possibly raising kids.
  • Marriage

    I definetly would like to get married, and at whatever age I meet the "right" guy. He'll have to be able to make enough money so that (along with my income) we can live a happy life. He needs to be smart and thoughtful.
  • Marriage expierence

    Marriage expierence
    I have seen all the problems that divorce creates, so I have to make sure we can make the marriage work because I don't want to deal with divorce, and i want to be happy!
  • Family

    After Marriage, I would maybe like to have kids! t's undecided but if we do it would be after we have enjoyed our life together so
  • Children

    If i have children, the top 5 life lessons I would teach them, would be... Morality, hard work, education is important, respect, and dignity. I would want to be a coo, parent who gets along well with thier kids. I would be just as "strict" as my parents, but also give them more freedom!
  • Dream Life

    Dream Life
    If nothing stood in my way my dream would be to live in Australlia with endless amounts of money, I would want to live in a beachfront house with a large family. And I would love to start my own Dolphin facility.
  • Happiness in midlife

    Happiness in midlife
    Happiness in my midlife will be just being with my family and friends, visiting Colorado and doing the things I love!!
  • Death

    I dont have a set age as to how long I want to live, but as long as I lived life to the fullest and did everything I ever wanted.. I really dont care!