Growing Up: High's and Low's

  • Little Old Me

    Little Old Me
    I was born March 24, 1994, in Wisconsin to Jason and Kathryn Bonow. Born two months early, I was premature and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. During these two weeks of hospitalization, my mother, father, and older, four-year-old half-brother (a child from my mother's high school relationship) would make trips to the hospital to see me.
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    Birth and Early Years

    This timespan descirbes a few of my hi's and low's from birth to age eight.
  • Big Sister, Big Responsibilities

    Big Sister, Big Responsibilities
    My sister was born thirteen months after my birth. I was excited for a new playmate, but I was left with only a short couple of months to really "hog" both my mother's and father's attention. I wasn't the youngest anymore; I was the middle child. My parents expected that I watch over my sister as she grew up. I was to be her friend and mentor through life's journey. At the time of her birth, my parents expected me to be understanding, gentle, and welcoming to my little, newborn sister.
  • Parent's Divorce

    Parent's Divorce
    My parents divorced when I was four-years-old, and my mother, sister, brother, and I moved into my grandparents house. During this transition, I was expected to behave for my grandparents when they babysat my sister, brother, and I. I was also expected to understand that my parents were not together anymore and willing to accept that they were both going to re-marry in the next few months.
  • Time for School!

    Time for School!
    Head Start was a program developed to assist low-income families with educating and getting their children ready for school institutions. Attending the Head Start program jumpstarted my educational development and prepared me for what school would be like. I was expected to listen to the teacher and be a respectful student and classmate.
  • A New Family

    A New Family
    About three years after my dad remarried, his wife gave birth to my little sister, Mary Kay. I remember holding her for the first time and being so afraid that I would drop her. She has continued to grow up and become a beautiful young lady. Although it was difficult for me to realize that my father now had two families, I was expected to love and respect my stepmother. At times it was difficult for me to connect with her because she did not speak English very well.
  • Speech Therapy

    Speech Therapy
    During my first grade school year, I was required to attend speech therapy once a week to develop my ability to say the "r" sound. Ironically, I could not form the "r" sound with my mouth, and I was provided an educational plan to attend speech therapy and work with a speech pathologist to fix my speech delays. I was expected to attend the speech sessions, and my parents encouraged me to work hard at overcoming the language delays I faced.
  • Mother's Diagnosis

    Mother's Diagnosis
    My mother was 27 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare disease known as C.R.E.S.T. syndrome. Each letter in the disease name stood for a specific health problem. Unfortunately, she was told that she had 4 out of the 5 letters. Mainly, the disease caused her feet and fingers to not circulate blood. Blood vessels would pop in her extremities, and the cold environment was not ideal for her situation. Learning about the disease, my mother expected me to remain calm and optimistic.
  • Best Friend's Forever

    Best Friend's Forever
    Socially shy in my early years, I had a difficult time making friends. Fortunately, in second grade, I met my best friend Mikayla. She was shy and unique, just like me. Her familly had moved from Milwauke, Wisconsin, to our city of Waukesha. My parents expected me to be kind to every classmate, and I went out of my way to introduce myself to her the first day she had arrived.
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    Early and Middle Years

    This timespan describes a few of my hi's and low's from ages eight to twelve.
  • New House on the Block

    New House on the Block
    After living in an apartment for a year and a half, I was extremely excited to see our new home. At the start of my third grade year, I would be building new friendships and making new memories, all in one very new place. During this move, I was expected to help pack and unpack my belongings to begin settling into our new living space.
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    With the September 11 attacks, Bush and his administration pushed for a decision to be made to find the weapons of mass destruction being used by terrorist leaders in Iraq. March 19 signified the day that Bush launched an invasion in Iraq. Fortunately, I did not have any immediate families members shipped to fight in the Iraq War, but I remember being lost and confused on what was happening to our nation during the war.
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    Middle and High School Years

    This timespan focuses on my first years in Arizona at a private middle school, along with my experiences at a public high school.
  • Long Journey Away from Home

    Long Journey Away from Home
    It was summer in Wisconsin and mosquitos were annoyingly everywhere. My stepfather and mother had discussed in great detail the possibility of moving to Arizona to help my mother who was suffering with a disease that caused poor circulation in her fingers and toes. After deciding that the warm climate was the only solution (as recommended by doctors), I was stuck choosing whether or not to live in Wisconsin with my father and his family, or travel to Arizona with my mother and hers. I chose AZ.
  • Finding Myself

    Finding Myself
    Moving to Arizona was a difficult decision, but the right one. I finally found who I was, and stopped hiding my true personality. I became involved at my school by participating in sports and other activities. Although I was nervous having to make new friends, the fifth and sixth grade classrooms were conjoined. This meant that my sister and I were in the same classroom. We both quickly adapted to our new school and Arizona (except the heat).
  • Launch of an Apple Revolution

    Launch of an Apple Revolution
    Although cell phones existed before the year 2007, the well-known company, Apple, introduced the very first iPhone. The launch of the iPhone revolutionized cell phones, and other companies fought to create the best smartphone. Unfortunately, I did not get a cell phone till 2009, and it was a flip phone. Neverthless, my parents expected me to be patient and appreciate what they were able to give me.
  • Sports Fanatic

    Sports Fanatic
    Involved in sports at my private Christian middle school, my eighth grade year brought many sport successes. My team played for the championship round in the big end-of-the-year tournament. We ended up winning first place, and I was awarded the most valuable player (MVP) trophy. During the game, my coach expected me to play to my highest talents. I was a post player and needed to be BIG.
  • President Drama

    President Drama
    The year 2008 was a big one! Not only had I started my first year at a public high school, but there was much discussion over who would become the 44th President. In the end, Obama was elected as President. I remember wanting to vote for this election, but being prohibited to do so due to my age. Neverthless, my parents encouraged me to begin listening to the news and choose a presidential side. I was growing up quick, and I needed to pay more attention to the world around me.
  • XOXOXXOXOX My High School Sweetheart

    XOXOXXOXOX My High School Sweetheart
    After a year of wishing the cutest boy in school would fall head over heels for me, he had. On June 8, my mother drove me over to my high school crush's house where I met his family, ate supper, and watched a movie. We were inseparable throughout high school. He was the best high school wrestler, while I played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. Although my recently single mother expected me to be home at a decent hour, she was not very involved in my high school years.
  • Basketball Oregon Trip

    Basketball Oregon Trip
    After fundraising for an entire school year, the high school varsity basketball coach enrolled us in a few basketball tournaments in cities right outside of Portland, Oregon. The varsity squad, which I became a part of as a sophomore, flew to Oregon and stayed at our coach's parents house for eight days. I bunked with my best friend Christine for the trip. During the tournaments, my coach expected me to learn varsity plays and become acquainted with my teammates.
  • Another Broken Home

    Another Broken Home
    In August 2013, my sister had started her freshman year of high school. She was extremely nervous and became very depressed, but to make matters worse for both her and I, my mother and stepdad got divorced. Fortunately, my ex-stepdad allowed my mother to stay in the home they had purchased together, and my mother, sister, and I lived their until the summer going into my third year of college. We were expected to be independent as my mother struggled to make ends meet.
  • First Car!

    The start of my senior year, my mom and ex-stepdad purchased a 1997 Toyota Corolla for me. I was excited to receive the car because I needed a way to transport myself to sporting events and practices. I was expected to take care of the car, and eventually pay for my own gas and car insurance.
  • Win like a Pro

    Win like a Pro
    My senior year ended with a bang. After selling a set number of Suns tickets, our varsity basketbal team was allowed to play in the U.S. Airways stadium. After our game took place, we then watched the Suns play against the Minnesota Timberwolves. We played against our rival school, Queen Creek, but ended up losing the game. Although we lost the game, the experience was incredible. We were allowed to change in the guest locker rooms, and played on an official NBA court.
  • Basketball Senior Night

    Basketball Senior Night
    It was Senior Night for basketball, which meant each senior basketball player would get recognized for their performance throughout high school. Each senior walked with their parents on the court as a little synopsis was read about our future goals. Expecting only my mother to be at the game, I was surprised when my father showed up from Wisconsin and walked me onto the court with my mom. It was the only game he ever made it to, but it meant so much to me.
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    College Years

    This timespan depicts a few of my college highlights.
  • Acceptance to ASU

    Acceptance to ASU
    I was accepted into Arizona State University by the end of my senior year, and I was 100% sold on attending ASU. I was officially enrolled in classes by June 2012 at ASU! After being accepted to ASU, I was then expected to get a job and start earning cash to pay for books, my car insurance and gas.
  • Crushed by my High School Crush

    Crushed by my High School Crush
    College proved challenging, and I found myself sinking away from those I loved. My boyfriend and I continued to have problems and did not address them soon enough. Unfortunately, a mutual decision was made that we should end our relationship. Although I still wanted him in my life, it wasn't meant to be. My mother and sister knew I was going to hurt for a while, but I was expected to overcome the pain and focus my attention on my education and future goals.
  • Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College

    Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College
    Junior year snuck up rather quickly, but it was time for me to join the i-Teach professional program. I was looking forward to gaining experience in the classroom and this year, thus far, has taught me so much about what a teacher's life is actually like. My parents have always encouraged me to do my best in school, and they have set high expectations for me to graduate college and earn a degree. I continue to thank them for motivating me to care about my education and future.
  • Wedding Bells

    Wedding Bells
    Although I wish I was the one getting married, my mother and her fiance will be wakling down the wedding aisle this upcoming May. I am expected to help my mother with the wedding and be a part of the bridal party. Although I haven't always accepted my mom's fiance, I am learning to give him a chance, as long as my mother is happy.