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Tamara Sue Rice (Burton)

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    Prenatal Development

    My mother was 22 when I was conceived. During her pregnancy she smoked cigarettes and drank coca-cola. I beilieve my development was normal with no complications. My mother experienced slight morning sickness during
    her first trimester. Although my mother smoked while pregnant I was 7 lbs 1 oz at birth.
  • Birth

    I was born female with 2 X chromosomes at Gerber Memorial Hospital, Fremont, MI. I am the 3rd and last child. My mother birthed me naturally with only a little demerol to ease the pain. I was the only one of her children born head first, alert with bright eyes, and curly brown hair. My siblings were both born breach. I weighed 7 lbs 1 oz w
    Which put me in the 10 th percentile for birth weight.
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    Breastfed (biosocial)

    My mother breastfed me for the 1st year of life. At age 6 months, I was introduced to rice cereal and baby food to supplement the breast milk.
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    My First Home

    I lived in an old farmhouse located in Newaygo, Michigan for the first two years of my life.
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    Sleep (biosocial)

    My body size and brain growth developed at a normal rate. My parents and siblings interacted with me constantly. After all, I was the baby of the family. I slept on my belly in a bassinet in my parents room until 3 months of age.
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    Used Pacifier (primary circular reactions)

    I used a pacifier for the first 10 months of life.
  • Released From Hospital

    In 1971, mothers and babies stayed in the hospital for 3 days after birth. I went home on my mom's 23rd birthday. My grandpa used to tell me the story of how he was so excited to get us from the hospital that he walked out with me without paying the hospital bill.
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    Baby Talk (cognitive)

    I often babbled and expressed excitement when I saw my immediate family members. I would shy away from strangers or distant relatives and mant times cry when confronted by strangers.
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    Temperament (psychosocial development)

    I was the only sibling who was extremely shy for much of my childhood. I'm not sure who that was inherited from because my parents were outgoing. I was also afraid of everything. (Both traits have diminished in adulthood)
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    Separation Anxiety, Stranger Awareness, Attachment (psychosocial development)

    From 9 months to 6 years of age I suffered from separation anxiety from my mother. I would embarrass her so bad by hiding behind her when strangers would talk to me and I would be "rude" by giving them horrible looks. She could never leave me with a sitter without me throwing a huge tantrum while she was gone. This puts me in the insecure-resistant/ambivalent pattern. My mother suffered from depression & my parents marriage was unstable.
  • Began Walking (biosocial)

    I began to walk. From that day, no barrier has been able to stop me.
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    Recognize Objects By Pointing (cognitive)

    My dad took me to a petting zoo/park when I was about 18 months. He would ask me where a certain animal was - and I could distinguish each by point to it. Such as chicken, pony, duck.
  • Moved from Farmhouse to Greenville

    We moved from the farmhouse in Newaygo, MI to Greenville, MI. My father landed a better job and could afford a newer house in a better neighborhood.
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    Caregiver (psychosocial development)

    I remember my neighbors, Jack and Ardith Wood. They were the only people I would stay with while my mother worked a part-time day job. I named Ardith "Ardie".
  • Smart Thinking (conservation and logic)

    Once my dad took me with him to a construction job at our church, installing new siding. I began bothering him as I was bored. So he gave me a coffee can and told me to walk around the exterior of the church and pick up all of the nails. I came back a few hours later with a full can of nails. My dad asked me, "Did you pick up all of the nails?" I looked at him intently & replied, "I think so. How many did you drop?" He still gets a laugh from this story.
  • Moved from Greenville to Westland

    My father landed a job at the Ford Wayne Assembly Plant. My parents were struggling financially prior to this and decided this would be the best move for the family. We lived with my dad's brother for several months until my parents could save enough money to buy a house.
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    Moved from Westland to Wayne

    My parents saved enough money to purchase a house in Wayne, MI. My mother had started working a full time job at Unistrut factory in Wayne.
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    My Parents Separated/Divorced

    My father is an alcoholic and was abusive to my mother and older brother. My mother filed for divorce - she became withdrawn and depressed. This caused me to become extremely attached to her.
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    Estranged Father

    From the time my mother and father divorced and all throughout my childhood, my father was estranged from his children. He would pop in and out of our lives occassionally but for no exteneded period of time. He rarely paid child support.
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    Moved from Wayne to Canton (single-parent family)

    Due to my parent's separation, my mother, my older sister, and I moved to a low income housing townhouse in Canton, MI. Once again, I was enrolled in a new school. This was my 3rd elementary and I was only in 3rd grade. My brother hated my mother for the separation so he moved in with extended family.
  • Prescribed Glasses Due to Nearsightedness

    I remember telling my mother for several weeks that I was having a difficult time seeing the chalkboard at school. I would continually tell my teacher that I needed to sit in the front of the classroom to see the board. I was a bit of a hypochondriac so I'm sure my mother didn't fully believe me. She thought I wanted glasses to look cool. After I failed the annual school sponsored eye exam, my mother took me to get the nerdiest glasses ever, since we didn't have much money,
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    Troubled Times

    Sometime during December 1979, my mother suffered from a nervous breakdown. She was admiteed into a psychiatric hospital and my sister & I were uprooted from our home to live with my grandmother for several months. My parent's separation caused her to become overcome by guilt. She was no longer a functioning human being. She lost several pounds and became a shell of the woman I called Mom.
  • My Mother Remarried (two-parent family)

    My mother married my step-father. Along with him came 2 new step-brothers (one older, one younger than I) and an older step-sister. She was the oldest in our new family. My step-father and step-sister (also named Tamara) moved into our townhouse. It was only 2 bedroom so all of us girls had to share a bedroom. My step-brothers visisted us every other weekend.
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    Moved from Canton to Taylor

    Now that my mother was remarried, we no longer qualified for low-income housing, so my mom and new dad bought a 3 bedroom house in Taylor, Mi. Tamara, my step-sister, got her own room, and my sister, Taunya and I still had to share a room. I remember the house sat on a huge lot. We had a pool and a giant sandbox where my little brother and I played. All 3 of us girls hated the Taylor schools. I would purposely miss the bus so that I could stay home from school.
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    Moved from Taylor to Wayne

    My mom & step-dad bought my grandparents house from them so they could retire to the Grand Rapids area. Once again, my family packed up and relocated to a new house, but very familiar house. My grandparents had lived here for many years. Soon after we moved in, my parents gained custody of my little step-brother, Carl. He and I grew very close through childhood, although I did hate that I was no longer the baby. I lived here from mid-5th grade until I graduated high school.
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    The 5th Grade Nerd (victim of bullying - psychosocial)

    I was a nerd and was bullied often. I was quiet and came from a lower SES than most of my classmates. The boys would pull my hair or chase me around the playground. This was a rough age.
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    Found a Best Friend (psychosocial)

    I finally found a best friend after all of the moves my family had made in such a short time. My friend, Michelle, and I were inseparable for most of my adolescent period. I was a nerd and my parents didn't have much money so I didn't wear designer clothing. Around 10th grade she started hanging with a rougher crowd and I chose not to go that route. Our friendship suffurered and by the middle of 12th grade we never talked or hung out.
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    Attended Junior HIgh School (cognitive development)

    I attended Franklin Junior High School. I was an above average student. Maintained a 3.0 or higher grade point. My mother didn't accept any grade under a B - there were consequences for bringing home low grades. Usually grounding or losing priveliges. Track and field was my passion. I was always a fast runner. I participated from Jr. High all through High School.
  • Reached Puberty (biosocial)

    I started my period this day. I remember my belly hurting like it never has hurt before and I wasn't sure what was going on. I talked to my mom about it and she explained the pain of period cramps. UGH! Suffered from those most of my teenage years.
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    Attended Highschool

    Attended HIgh School. I participated in a few social clubs. I was a member of the National Honor Society and I was the publicity manager for the Student Council. I acheived higher than average grades and graduated with the Cum Laude designation.
  • Started 1st Job

    I remember the interview. I was so nervous. I wasn't yet 16 but the manager of Famous Recipe liked me. He agreed to hire me since I was going to turn 16 in a few months & it was summer vacation. This was also the day I met my husband. I was a hard worker for a small wage of $3.00 per hour. I grew up in a poorer family, so having my own money felt incredible. I could finally buy those designer clothes that my parents could never afford. I worked as many hours as they would allow me that summer.
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    Dated My now Ex-Husband

    It was love at first sight for me. He was 8 years older than I, but I always took life more seriously than I should at my young age. We dated for a few years before I married him when I turned 18.
  • Track and Field State Competition

    I was the only girl from my high school to make it to the state track and field compeitions. I qualified for the 100 meter dash. Although I was the fastest in my district, these short legs had nothing on the rest of the girls in the competition. I placed last out of 27. But at least I made it that far!
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    Married to my Ex-husband (pshychosocial)

    I married my ex-husband, right after graduating high school. My mother begged me not to marry him. I had been accepted to U of M pre-med program and my mother knew I wouldn't go that route if I got married. Turns out, she was right. But at 18, no one could tell me anything.
  • Birth of my 1st Daughter

    Emilyn Marie Rice was born at 4:29 a.m.. A healthy 7 lb 1 1/2 oz baby. She was bright eyed and happy from the minute she came into the world. She was my reason and her dad's reason for breathing. I was a young mother; however, I took motherhood extremely serious.
  • Learned of my 2nd Pregnancy

    Only 7 1/2 months after Emilyn was born, I discovered I was 5 months pregnant again. I was overcome with depression. I didn't want a 2nd child so soon and felt overwhelmed with the responsibility and the financial burden of adding another child to the family. Depression overcame me for months.
  • Birth of my 2nd Daughter

    Alyssa Nicole Rice was born at 12:41 p.m.. She was a healthy baby girl at 6 lbs 11 oz. When she was born she appeared to have a broken jaw so the doctors quickly assessed her to find she had an overbite because she sucked her thumb while inutero.
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    Worked Toward My Associate Degree (cognitive)

    I went to school part-time, while working part-time and raising 2 children. It took me 5 years to complete my Associate Degree of Art from Schoolcraft Community College.
  • Began Working for AAA Insurance Company

    My sister worked for AAA and helped me land a job with the company. I was hired as a part-time afternoon employee. It worked out perfectly with my husbands schedule. We didn't have to leave our children with a sitter as he worked the day shift. My mother and step father watched my kids for an hour or so every evening between the time I left for work and my husband got home. Eventually I was moved to full time on the midnight shift. That was a struggle.
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    My Biological Father Moved In

    My father has never taken responsiblility for his life and therefore; found himself homeless. My husband and I took him in and he lived with us for a few years.
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    Girlscout Leader (psychosocial development)

    I strived to be the best mother I could. I always wanted to be part of my childrens activities and hobbies. For 2 years, I took on the role of Girl Scout Leader for my daguthers troop. It wasn't easy juggling a full time midnight position, along with being a part-time student, and part-time girl scout leader; but we have a great time. I am an over achiever and would sacrifice my health and sleep in order to be a "good" mom. (When your kids grow up they tell you how you failed them)
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    Worked Toward My Bachelor Degree (cognitive)

    After completing my Associate Degree, I enrolled at Eastern Michigan University and completed my Bachelor of Science Degree, with 3 minors: Business, Office Administration, and Behavior and Learning. I was supposed to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Education; however, LIFE got in the way. I couldn't quit work to complete my semester of student teaching.
  • My Mother's Heart Attack

    My mother suffered from mitral valve prolapse and two blocked ateries. She was required to have open heart surgery & her valve was replaced with a pig valve. Right after the surgery, the doctor advised to call the entire family in because my mother was probably not going to survive the night. The doc underestimated my mother. She pulled through, well for a brief moment in time anyway.
  • My Mother's Death

    My mother died while playing the slots at Greektown Casino in Detroit. This was her favorite place in the world - that was the only comfort our family could hang onto during this tragic time. My mother was the family glue. After my mother died, my step-father & my sibilings moved away from each other. The family bonds were severed,
  • Divorce From My Husband

    Due to unreconcileable differences, we decided it was best to divorce. However, due to financial responsibilities, we contiued to co-habitate (in separate rooms of course) for several years.
  • Sustained a Head On Collision

    I worked midnights at the time. I was traveling to work at 10:30 p.m. on a dark, 2 lane, 55 mph, country road. The other driver was driving at least 55 mph as well and crossed into my lane. I saw him coming but it was too late to react. I slammed on the brakes and prayed to God that he would spare my life. I sustained 2 broken legs, a concussion, and a herniated disc in my lower back. But God spared my life.
  • Ex-husband Moved From Our Home

    After 3 years of co-habitating as a divorced couple, and getting our finances in order, my ex-husband moved out. I purchased a condo and my daughters moved with me.
  • Met My Boyfriend

    I met my current boyfriend. We do not live together but visit each other on the weekends. Our relationship has had rocky times but we manage to pull it back together. He is 13 years older than I and I think sometimes the generational gaps come with misunderstandings.
  • Participated in 25 Mile Bike Ride for Diabetes (psychosocial)

    My best friend Cheri was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she turned 40. With this news along with the reality of my declining health, we decided to participate in the Tour D Cure fundraising ride for Diabetes. We figured 25 miles would be no problem. Funny. We thought we were going to die at mile marker 18. We signed up again the next 3 years, for the 50 mile rides. But we joined a gym first & trained for each ride.
  • Metro Detroit Flooded

    I work for the home catastrophe unit at AAA. This event was the most tragic that I have experienced in my life. There were many people who did not carry insurance to cover their flooded homes. It was tragic to hear people crying over the phone about the devestation their homes endured.
  • Began My 1st Semester Back To School (cognitive)

    I am in the process of figuring out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. Although I have a very good job, and have worked for AAA for 20 years, I feel like there is so much more to learn about life, myself, and others. I feel like God has put me here for a purpose and I am in the process of finding it.
  • My Maternal Grandmother Died

    This event made me feel like I had lost my mother all over again. I feel she was the final link to my mother.
  • Bought A House

    I purchased a home and live on my own for the 1st time in my life. Its difficult to be away from my children but it is nice to have my own space.
  • 20 Year Anniversary at AAA

    I will celebrate my 20 year work anniversary at AAA. This company has treated me fairly and has provided me with adequate income for my position.
  • Quit my AAA Job

    I am planing on quiting my AAA job at the end of 2018. I will have my nursing school pre-requisites completed at that time. I will also have a my finanaces in place so that I can become a full time nursing student.
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    Nursing School (cognitive)

    I plan to complete the accelerated nursing program at Wayne State University.
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    Work as a Nurse Nutritionist

    I plan to start my 2nd career and work for at least 15 years as a nurse - focusing on nutrition for the elderly.
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    Based on the class exercise predicting how long we will live, I think I'll pass sometime in the early part of 2060. I will hopefully die peacefully, in my sleep - due to old age.