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A Timeline of My Life

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    During this stage of my life, I was going through my sensorimotor phase which involved experiencing the world through my actions. During this stage, I also went through trust vs mistrust which decerned whether or not I could trust my environment and those around me. Towards my later years in this stage, I went through autonomy vs shame which judged my capabilities to establish independence. In this stage, I was in pre-conventional morality which meant my actions were based on punishment.
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    I was born in Brawley, California on May 8th, 2002. My parents are Yurisan and Allen Earley. My mother at the time was unemployed and my dad was a self-employed property owner. I was born into a very Christian and traditional culture. I have 3 brothers, their names being Patrick, Perry, and Pauly and I have 1 sister, her name is Paulette, yes they all start with P except me. I was born very healthily and didn't have any complications.
  • Barney

    When I was 3 years old, my mother took me to a party and a man dressed in a Barney costume came and freaked me out. This event was significant for me because of the fact that it caused me to feel fear for that which I didn't understand
  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers
    When I was 4, my mom was late in picking me up from school so I got scared and the teachers tried to calm me down by showing me power rangers. This is significant because I remember power rangers becoming the first thing I was ever obsessed with which is where my obsessive personality was really shown
  • Spider-Man

    When I was 5, everyone I knew was into spiderman so to get on the bandwagon, I started to get into spiderman. Spiderman then became this inspiration almost for me to become something that was out of the ordinary instead of just being like everyone else because spiderman was different
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    During this stage of life, I will be going through my preoperational stage which is when I start to represent things with words and images. I'm still in pre-conventional morality. Finally, in this stage, I'll be going through the initiative vs guilt stage which is where I attempt to discover my purpose
  • Move Away pt 1

    Move Away pt 1
    When I was 6, I moved away from my old home in the Imperial Valley and moved to Boulevard. I had to leave my old house and friends but this event is significant because it taught me to not be so attached to things.
  • Smarty Pants

    Smarty Pants
    When I was in going into 4th grade, I did so well on the standardized tests from the previous year that I and 3 other people got to go into a special honors class. This was significant to me because it illustrated to me that I might have had a talent for school and i enjoyed getting that recognition.
  • Moving Away pt 2

    Moving Away pt 2
    When I finished the 4th grade, my dad decided to move all of us from Boulevard to Alpine. This affected me more than the first time because I had grown attached to people I had made friends with which later gave me hesitance to start new relationships.
  • Jack Werland

    Jack Werland
    When I moved to my new school in Alpine, I met a kid named Jack Werland that had pretty similar interests as me but a pretty different upbringing. He and I became best friends and no one better has taught me how to be social better than him. Jack, just by example, was able to educate me on how to be a socially acceptable person
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    During this stage of my life, I'll be going through the concrete operational stage which lets me develop the ability to think logically about concrete events. Through this stage, I will also go through conventional morality which bases my morality on the social implications it will have more me in the future. I'll also be going through the industry vs inferiority and Identity vs role confusion stages which sees how I measure up compared to my peers and I start to discover my self-identity
  • Math Award

    Math Award
    Up until this point, I had been obsessed with being the best at math in middle school. During the award assembly at the end of the year, I and my friend both received the math excellence award which was significant to me because it indicated that maybe I really was talented
  • College

    At this time I have gotten into the college that I wanted to study bioengineering. This is significant because my purpose throughout my schooling career was to be competitive to get into college and now that I have, I feel as if my purpose has been completed
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    In this stage I'll be going through the formal operational stage which involves my ability to reason abstractly. I'll also be going through my post conventional morality stage which allows me to judge morality based on my own values instead of punishment or what others believe. Finally I'll be going through my intimacy vs isolation stage which judges my ability to find love
  • Graduation

    At this time I will have graduated from college and have my degree in bio-engineering. This is significant because all of the things I had been working towards were to get into a good college and now that I've completed it I can work on another aspect of my life.
  • Job

    At this point I plan on starting my career as a bio engineer. This is significant as now I see my new purpose is to be the best in my own field which motivates me to work harder
  • Marriage

    At this time I will have found the love of my life and I'll ask her to marry me. This is significant because I will have chosen to live with someone instead of isolating myself.
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    During this stage I'll still be in post conventional morality and in my formal operational stage. I'll also still be in intimacy vs isolation so nothing has really changed in this decade.
  • Promotion

    At this time I will have moved up the ranks in my career and become a well established bio engineer. I will have fulfilled my new dream at being successful in my career which encourages me to aim higher which is why this is significant.
  • 10 year anniversary

    10 year anniversary
    My wife and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary. This is significant because it shows both of our willingness and commitment to choose intimacy over isolation
  • Mid life crisis

    Mid life crisis
    At this time I'll feel as if I haven't done enough with my life which causes me to buy an expensive car and join a hockey team in order to feel as if I have regained my youth. This is significant because it is a moment where I will feel inadequate.
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    In this stage I'll still be in post conventional and formal operational stages. However now I will be in Generativity vs Stagnation which judges my ability to contribute to the next generation or feel as if I haven't done so at all
  • Missions

    Because I'm Christian, I'll start to go on missions to other countries and help out with the christian community. This is significant because I'll have found a new purpose which involves contributing to the previous generation.
  • Medical Practices

    Medical Practices
    At this time I will realize that what I want to do with my experience as a bio-engineer is take those that are suffering from illness and alleviate them of their pain. This is significant because it shows that I will have chosen generativity over stagnation.
  • Charity

    I'll start a charity to help christian communities in struggling countries at this time. This is significant because its adding on to me wanting to choose generativity over stagnation.
  • Illness

    At this time, my wife will come down with an illness that will cause her to not be able to do much outside of the house. This is significant because it causes me to find a way I can take career of my wife while keeping my work going.
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    During this stage, I'm still in formal operational and post conventional morality. I'm also still in generativity vs stagnation.
  • Finding a successor

    Finding a successor
    At this time, I will attempt to find a successor for my bioengineering company. This illustrates my desire to keep my company going to further my work but also to attend to my home life
  • Retirement

    At this time I will retire from my career of being a bio-engineer. This event is significant because I'm doing this to spend more time with my wife and devote more time into being Christian which contributes to my generativity.
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    In this stage of life I'll still be in post conventional morality and the formal operational stage. However, now I have moved onto the Integrity vs Despair stage which judges my ability to reflect on my life to see if I lived well or with regrets
  • Full Time Missions

    Full Time Missions
    To fill up my time and feel fulfilled, I'll decide to go on more missions, this time with my wife in my care. This will allow me to continue benefiting the community while being with my wife
  • TED talk

    TED talk
    At this time I will give a Ted talk on my experiences as a christian on missions and my work as a bioengineer. This is significant as this is my attempt to impart wisdom onto other people through my experiences in life
  • Memories

    At this time, I'll go on a trip to places that were significant to me in my life on order to prove to myself that I truly lived my best life. This is significant because it will prove to me whether or not I thought my life was a waste
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    At this stage of my life I'm still going through integrity vs despair, post conventional morality, and the formal operational stage
  • Wife is more sick

    Wife is more sick
    My wife's illness becomes more and more debilitating. She has to spend most of her time in the hospital while I try to support her. This event is significant because it gives me new purpose which is to devote all my time, money, and resources into prolonging my wife's life
  • 50 year anniversary

    50 year anniversary
    At this time, me and my wife will celebrate our 50 year anniversary. This is significant to me because after looking back on my time with my wife, I realize that she's the greatest thing I have to live for
  • Wife Death

    Wife Death
    My wife succumbs to her illness and then dies when I'm 80. This event is significant because this woman was the most important person to me so now that she's gone I have trouble thinking about what to do with the rest of my life.
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    During this point in my life I'll still be going through formal operational, post conventional, and integrity vs despair.
  • lllness

    At this time, I will contract an illness. This will be significant because I won't want to have help from other people and I'd rather just live with my illness than allow other people to help me.
  • Hospital

    My illness will grow more and more debilitating until I am forced to accept help from people in a hospital. This is difficult and significant for me because I have to accept that I'm a feeble old man and I need the help of other people
  • Death

    At this moment, I will die. This is significance because it is the ending of my life and I will reflect upon my experiences to prove to myself that I was really alive
  • Post Death Letter:

    When I'm gone, I want people to say that I was a selfless person who tried his best to just do the right thing. I'll be most proud of the relationship I had with my wife and the work I did for the church. What I will regret the most is that I wasn't always honest with the people that were closest to me