Painted hands

My Life

By Fritzk
  • Hospitalized with Mama

    Hospitalized with Mama
    While Mom was picking up Nicholas' toys she stepped on a toy car, slipped and fell. As she was falling forward she tried to catch herself on the arm of the couch but she ended up shattering her arm. At the time, Dad and Nicholas were watching Fireworks. So, Mom called 911, unlocked the front door and waited for help to come. The Emergency Responders knew that they were on a call for a broken arm, but didn't know that she was pregnant too. In the end, all turned out well!
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This was my first day in the world. I was born around 4:00 in the afternoon at Banner Desert Health in Mesa.
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  • Dance!

    Ballet is my favorie type of dance. When I was Three i was in the church dance class. In December we preformed for everyone. i remeber I had to wear makeupand it felt really weird to me.
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  • First Day Of School

    First Day Of School
    Gilbert Elementary. On my first day of school, I was really excited to go. I loved kindergarden and would even play school outside of school.
  • My Best Friend

    My Best Friend
    On a rainy, monsoon day, I met my best friend, Brooke. Her mom came over to my house because my Mom was having a Scrap Book get together. Broooke's mom brought Brooke and we have been frieds ever since.
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  • Peanut

    We adopt the family dog and decide to name him Peanut. He is a doxin and spaniel mix. He loves going on walks and is still my pal.
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  • Appendicitis

    Appendicitis! After feeling really sick and having horrible pain, I was taken to the Emergency Room late at night. It turned out that I had Appendicitis! If we hadn't gone then, I could have had a chance of death if my apendix ruptured.
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  • New Year

    New Year
    Brooke and I have a tridition to have a sleep over on New Years. We make a list of our favorite things from the last year and read them to eachother. Then, we look at our past lists and laugh at our past selves.
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  • Girl Scouts

    I joined Girl Scouts when I was in fourth grade. I loved being in Girl Scouts. I made many friends in Troop 1127. Sadly, many girls decided to go their own wayand we had our last official meeting in 2013
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  • High School

    High School
    Mesquite High School. My first day of High School. I was so nervous but made many good friends. It was my fist day of American Sign Language Class and instantly fell in love with it.
  • Blessing in Disguise

    Blessing in Disguise
    On Saturday, my friend and i went to see the school production of Oliver! When my mom came to pick us up she was acting odd. I asked her what was wrong and she said she would tell me after we dropped off my friend. when we did I asked "Is it about Dad?" He had been kinda distant for months. She noded. "Is he leaving?" she nodded again. When i got home, my dad told me and we all started to cry. I still see him but it was hard for a while.
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  • Christmas in New Mexico

    Christmas in New Mexico
    Mom, Nicholas and I govisit my Mom's family for Christmas! it was so nice to see the family because we don't see them often. My grandparents live in the Alamogordo mountains and it even snowed on Christmas!
  • Helping A Friend

    Helping A Friend
    Helping a Friend canbe hard when you have the possibility to loose them. My really good friend was in a bad situation. I told the nurse about it and I helped him. We were out of contact for a bit because of this but now we are even closer.
  • Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C.
    I was able to go to Washington D.C. with my dad. He haad to go on a bisness trip and flew me out for a weekend. We walked the National Mall and visited the Wax Museum. We even went to the Air and Space Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. It was only my second time flying and my first time flying alone. We also visited Galludet University, the first university for the deaf.
  • Permit

    I took my Permit test and passed on the first try! I only missed two questions. We knew the wait was going to be long so Dad took me in the morning. I remeber being so nervous the first time behind the wheel.
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