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Ms. Humphrey

  • First Broken Bone

    My sister broke my elbow when I was 6 months old, by trying to pick me up by my arm and turn me over. My elbow and now hyperextends (bends backwards slightly)
  • Born

    I was born on march second 1992.
    I was born into a family that had split religion (Jewish and Catholic)
    I had one older sister who was 2 years older then I was.
    My dad was a cop
    My mom was a stay at home mom
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    Ms. Humphrey

    Ms. Humphrey's personal development timeline
  • First Stitches

    When I was two I fell in a fish tank and needed stitches right next to one of my eyes
  • Pre-school first friend that my parents didn't pick for me

    When I started preschool when I was three I became good friends with a girl named Corinne. We quickly became best friends and are still very close friends to this day. Our sisters and our parents are still friends as well.
  • Second time getting stitches

    This time made me deathly afraid of needles until about the age of 19. My sister and I were playing, and I decided to stand in a tall "Toss Across" Box over tile floor. My sister handed me a jump rope and decided to pull me. I fell chin first on the tile and needed 2 layers of stitches. This was very traumatic for me as a four year old and left more then physical scares. This left a terrible fear of needles and shots, which never existed prior to that moment.
  • Kindergarten/ first enemy/ Met my school years best friend

    My first enemy was made on the very first day of kindergarten. She was a very shy girl and I was very outgoing. She didn't really talk at all, and it upset because I thought she was being mean when she was really just being shy. So I insulted her picture. Later during recess she kicked over my blocks. Our teacher decided that the next day we would be partners on an assignment and had to sit next to each other. We have been best friends ever since.
  • Dance

    I started dancing in kindergarten and it has been a huge part of my life ever since. I have done Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary. I even has taught classes.
  • First teacher who understood me as a learner/ADHD

    Around the beginnings of 2nd grade, I had been diagnosed with ADHD. I was always somewhat of a wild child, couldn't sit still, and needed to be moving. This teacher rather then forcing me to sit down during lessons, let me walk around as long as I was paying attention (meaning I was always called on at least 1-3x a lesson). This made a huge impact on me as a learner. Rather then screaming at me she encouraged me. This changed my entire outlook on school and learning.
  • My love of Harry Potter begins

    I went to see the opening night showing of Harry Potter 1 with my sister and her 6th grade class with their teacher at midnight! I was hooked ever since (going to book release parties and every single opening night premiere of Harry Potter)
  • First Play/Drama Club

    I was cast in my first show ever- the play was Annie and I was given the part of Molly.
  • Junior High

    I started junior high in 7th grade. My school was one of the last schools on long island to keep a true junior high setting rather then a middle school setting
  • Girl on the Boys Wrestling team

    In the Winter I decided to join the wrestling team. Since there was no girl team, I joined the boys team.
  • First Boyfriend

    We met on the wrestling team, and became best friends through doing the musicals together, which eventually turned into a relationship.
  • First Kiss

    Under a pool raft in my friends pool
  • Cheerleader

    In 8th grade I decided to try something new out. So I joined the cheerleading team (very different from wrestling)
  • 1st real job

    Fun 4 all
  • First day of high school

  • End of first relationship/ First heart break

    Middle school loved turned Toxic and abusive.
  • First waitressing Job

    Jefferson Ferry
  • Sweet 16

  • Thank you ex next

    I met my second boyfriend at a local club that held teen night dances. This relationship was short lived, but we remain friends to this day.
  • High school sweet heart

    I met my high school sweet on a school field trip to six flags. He was friends with my most recent Ex and started out as a revenge date, bloomed into something much more.
  • Stayed home for my boyfriend

    I was accepted into my first choice school Oneonta. However, when i went to tell my boyfriend at the time, I couldn't bring myself to say the words. So I lied and said I was rejected. Decided to stay home and go to SCCC instead
  • Prom

  • Graduated high school

  • First day of college (Psych Major)

    I told my parents the reason I was staying home was because I didn't want to be a teacher any more. So I went to school for psychology instead.
  • Broken hearted and Unsure

    My high school sweetheart and I had broken up, and I felt lost and alone. I felt I had no real direction in life, and no idea who I was with out him.
  • Car Crash

    I was in a horrific car accident. This changed my perspective on life and many other things in life. I was told by many people that the fact I walked out relatively unharmed was an anomaly of its own. This is what started my healing process and made me start to move forward with my life again after my break up
  • On again off again

    Me and My ex played a game of on again off again. Consistently since we had broken up the first time. Each time worse then the last. This time when we got back together it lasted about a year.
  • Oneonta!

    I decided to reapply to oneonta and become a teacher. As I was finishing my dietetics degree, I realized I was meant to do something else and teaching was what I was passionate about.
  • joined a sorority

    Pi Delta Chi, Made some of my closest friends, became Ms. Oneonta
  • The last break up

    This time when we broke up, I knew it was real because I ended it. He wasn't treated me right, and was getting verbally abusive. When he couldn't tell me where the relationship was going, I knew the answer was no where. I broke it off and left for real this time
  • Justin

    About 3 weeks post break up, I was still sad and mopey over what I thought I had given up, when I met my current boyfriend.
  • Student teaching

  • Graduated Oneonta

  • 1st teaching Job

    I began teaching in 2 different school districts and three building my 1st year teaching
  • 2nd teaching job

    Kings Park
  • First Full time teaching job