Traditional/New Media Exposure

  • Books

    My parents would read books to me as a baby and I obviously didn't remember any of it but my parents wanted to read books to me so that eventually, I'd be able to retain words and learn how to talk.
  • Camera

    My parents took a lot of pictures to document my childhood. As a kid, I honestly just thought it was annoying because I was never the biggest fan of pictures. This was my first exposure to a camera and I do not remember much about it because I was just born.
  • Telephone

    My parents had a couple telephones around the house and I just thought it was a convenient way to talk to people at that time. I was exposed to it when I was 2 yrs old so, not much comments come to mind.
  • Television

    TV was something we all used to entertain ourselves. My siblings would watch TV everyday and include me. I found it fun and a good way to pass the time.
  • Cassette

    My sisters and I found cassettes lying around the house. We were fascinated with them.There were some that we would play because we were just amused by it. When the tape got out of its case, we liked playing with it.
  • Cell phone

    Cell phone
    I was fascinated by how people can communicate from far places. I used to like playing with my sister's cell phone a lot when I got bored. I also used to be jealous that she had one and I didn't.
  • Newspaper

    My dad would buy a newspaper everyday and sometimes even talk about the news. I tried reading a part of it but I always found it boring to read.
  • Radio

    I just found it boring since I was only 4 when I got exposed to this. My dad would always turn it on in the car.
  • Computer

    My parents bought a couple of computers for our house and I loved playing with it a lot.
  • Internet

    It was nice to browse and play on the internet to pass the time.
  • Google

    It was the first website I encountered when I got my first computer and it helped me discover other websites for me to use whenever I got bored.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    I do not remember much from this year but I remember having fun with it. I played video games with my sisters and my cousin a lot during my childhood.
  • DVD/CD

    My dad would often buy DVDs so that we could watch movies at home and later on, I used CDs to listen to music and also play games on my computer
  • Youtube

    I used Youtube to pass the time. It was entertaining to watch videos online.
  • Smartphone

    I didn't have one of my own yet but, my friend did. I found it cool since it was my fist time personally seeing one.
  • Laptop

    I didn't really have an opinion on it then because, my exposure to a laptop was my teacher using one but I never actually used one myself. I did eventually get one of my own. It was really useful for being productive in school and I used it a lot for academic things.
  • LCD Projector

    LCD Projector
    My teacher used this to teach and present their powerpoints. I found it as a more convenient way for them to teach the lessons needed for my class to learn
  • Yahoo

    My sister created her own yahoo email and I did not really use it at all.
  • Facebook

    A lot of my friends were creating accounts and I thought: "Why not?"
    it was a good way for me to communicate with other people and bond with them. it also helped me catch up with the lives of some of the friends that I do not see everyday.
  • Tablet

    My friend would bring an iPad to school and we would always play with it after school. A couple years later, my mom bought one. To me, as a child, it was just something I could play with.
  • Twitter

    Tho I've never actually made an account, I knew a lot of people that did. I always thought it was a good place to rant about things because most people I knew that had accounts used Twitter as a place to vent.
  • Typewriter

    I used it as a prop for a school play and I liked playing with it mostly since I was just a kid.
  • Tumblr

    It's not something I used often but, I needed to for a project in class.
  • Gmail

    My school created school emails for the students that year.
  • DS

    My sister got a DS on her birthday. We would take turns using it and we played with it everyday for a few weeks. It was a fun way to pass the time.
  • Skype

    My family and I mostly used skype to video chat with relatives who live out of the country.
  • Instagram

    My sister made an account and I never really had an opinion about it. To me, it was just 'one of those social media stuff'. I was never big on posting things.
  • Viber

    It was more convenient for me to contact people this way because during this year, it was hard for me to get signal in my house
  • Spotify

    My friends and I, always played music in class and I found it as a really good way to discover more songs.
  • Netflix

    I used Netflix to watch movies with my friends
  • VR

    My friend introduced it to me and I loved using it. When you use it, it feels like your some place else and it was fun to play games with it and watch videos in them too.