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The Life of Jheanne Ramos

  • The day of Jheanne's existence

    The day of Jheanne's existence
    The day that I was born and the very first start that I felt the presence of my family. And the start of my journey.
  • Two months old

    Two months old
    A fleshy body, a chubby cheeks and a leafy hair let's suppose that I am starting to grow as a month old baby.
  • The very first family photo

    The very first family photo
    This was the very first taken photo with my family. My dad carrying me, just like I can't bring life yet without them.
  • Dress me like a little girl, Mom

    Dress me like a little girl, Mom
    I'm wearing a white dress and sitting up straight, that's what my mom's pleasure in her baby girl.
  • I'm starting to walk!

    I'm starting to walk!
    As a baby, I was trying to walk out on my crawling zone. In that same day, I did my first walk too.
  • 1st year of existence

    1st year of existence
    There's a lot of birthday celebrations that came to my life but it is the most prepared for my parents. Balloons, cakes, candies, chocolates and gifts, I will not ask for anything else.
  • Make your childhood more happy

    Make your childhood more happy
    I was enjoying my childhood with my younger brother yet I was only 3 years old here.
  • Summer Kindergarten Program

    Summer Kindergarten Program
    My parents enrolled me on a Summer Kindergarten Class. This was my first entry into school all my life. In an entire month, I was enjoyed on writing,counting, dancing and other activities related to our age as a kid. And I had earned some awards.
  • Red School, Red Life

    Red School, Red Life
    My parents enrolled me in a Day Care Center and this was our class picture. I am the girl beside our teacher, just like my mom I treated her as my second mom too.
  • Satisfactory completed the Day Care Service

    Satisfactory completed the Day Care Service
    To be awarded on stage is a pleasure for my family and parents. This was my completion in Day Care Service.
  • Preparatory Class

    Preparatory Class
    This photo was taken when I was in primary school. At a young age, this class was trained us when it comes to reading and writing skills for our grade school life.
  • Be the girl on flowers!

    Be the girl on flowers!
    I was only 6 years old here. My cousin took me as a flower girl for her wedding. I am too shy because this was my first time.
  • Grade 1 Certification

    Grade 1 Certification
    This was my first year in grade school, so I did my activities and tasks well and this is the replacement.
  • Grade 2 Certification

    Grade 2 Certification
    Success is the key in all aspects of life. Being recognized is a pleasure.
  • Drum and Lyre Competition

    Drum and Lyre Competition
    In my grade school, I always join in the extra curricular activities at school. And Drum & Lyre Competition was one of those I joined.
  • Grade 3 Certification

    Grade 3 Certification
    I was received this certificate when I was in grade 3.
  • Grade 4 Certification

    Grade 4 Certification
    I gained medals and certificates in my grade 4 life.
  • Art Program

    Art Program
    This certificate I received was from Rizal Artist Federation at Nemiranda Art House. This was my first time to join in this kind of program. And at the same time, I learned about in making an art.
  • Grade 5 Certification

    Grade 5 Certification
    To recognized those works and efforts this was the sweet replacement.
  • Writing a slogan

    Writing a slogan
    It is my first time to compete in a Slogan Making Contest with the other schools. I did my very best to finish my slogan even though I am nervous.
  • Goodbye grade school

    Goodbye grade school
    Finally, this was the certificate proving that I did it. This is not the end of my goals instead this is the beginning.
  • Grade 9, Curiesters!

    Grade 9, Curiesters!
    This was the class picture in our 9th grading. So many happy moments we've built and we collected together that will remain as a happy memories for each of us.
  • Field Trip at Sandbox, Pampanga

    Field Trip at Sandbox, Pampanga
    They say, the first time is the happiest of all. This is my very first time to encounter a field trip in life as a student. So, I enjoyed every minute that we have to take selfies and every adventurous activities that we have to try.
  • Unplanned Bond Together

    Unplanned Bond Together
    It's better a sudden walk than a planned. We are just road tripping in this day but suddenly we talked about the rides of Skyranch. Without any doubt, we go to the Skyranch unexpectedly.
  • Family at Baguio City

    Family at Baguio City
    This was the true planned outing of the family that we were went to Baguio to feel some relaxation, despite of all tiredness at home.
  • We are the artists!

    We are the artists!
    This photo was taken on the demonstration of Ma'am Marivic, our practice teacher in Science subject. We are grouped to draw different cells for the presentation.
  • Fighting Rizalians!

    Fighting Rizalians!
    As usual this was our last school year as a junior high student. To be with this section was not easy, they're some struggles into this section. But it is my most likely part of my junior high life.
  • Speech Choir 2016

    Speech Choir 2016
    "Peace not War." Every opening of our mouths, every word we release, it comes from our heart. In that way we achieved victory as a champion.
  • Thanksgiving 2016

    Thanksgiving 2016
    I always thanking God for what He did and gave in my entire life. As His child, I do and I will do my duty to praise him until the end.
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    After a long time, it's a pleasure to be with your family and relatives in the last day of the year.
  • Breaking-up Rehearsal

    Breaking-up Rehearsal
    The last day and last chance to clear every move and own dance position. And we're ready to show it.
  • LITMUS 2017

    LITMUS 2017
    Breaking our legs for our Dance Competition was worth it. We did our very best to perform in the front of THS students. This day, I quoted to my mind that "Doing something you love is always worth it", and that's matter.
  • Fashion Show 2017

    Fashion Show 2017
    I feel so nervous this day for that reason we will ramp on stage for our practicum in Dressmaking. Confidence is the key, so I trust to myself that I can do it. And it's matter.
  • Film Showing 2017

    Film Showing 2017
    We watched on Cinema the "Lapis, Papel at Diploma" movie. I learned and knew the different struggles facing of a student in attending school.
  • Kadiwa-Binhi at Pao, Tarlac

    Kadiwa-Binhi at Pao, Tarlac
    It's a pleasure to invited us to perform a song, role play and dance at Locale of Pao. I feel so comfortable to share my thoughts while we're at back stage.
  • Take me a picture

    Take me a picture
    A perfect shot of sweet smile for the end of our year in junior high. Behind this pictorial, I remembered a lot of memories in my entire life as one with Rizalians.
  • Let's get loud, Rizalians!

    Let's get loud, Rizalians!
    To dance is not just for those who are having an good ability to move their body, but it is for those who are willingly to learn and that's what I know of the Rizalians.
  • Junior High Completer

    Junior High Completer
    Finishing my study in junior high was not easy. There are some times that I didn't the lesson but I make a way to pass it. As a junior high completer, there will be another chapter so we prepare for it.
  • Shadow Play Competition, a double celebration.

    Shadow Play Competition, a double celebration.
    It was the very first time to encounter a big event like this which was the Shadow Play Competition. At the same time, we celebrated my sixteenth birthday.
  • A priceless gift

    A priceless gift
    Having a boy best of friend is one of those beautiful blessings that I received from God. In return for his goodness, I make some effort for his birthday. I wish in that way, he would be happy.
  • Poopsy, My Loves

    Poopsy, My Loves
    Strangers became my buddies. This was the very beginning of our friendship. Not just the friends in need instead they are sisters by heart. Anytime you need them, they're always there.
  • From east to the west, Blue Hydra is the best!

    From east to the west, Blue Hydra is the best!
    To join in a Sports Fest is not just having an ability when it comes to Sports. It's all about of being sporty and you're not killjoy to try. This was the Cheerdance Competition in my senior high school life.
  • Your Future Accountants

    Your Future Accountants
    Debit and Credit are just a simple words for others. But for us, you need to pass it for us to pursue our dreams. We're the future accountants that balance the struggles in our lives and compute those valuable memories together.
  • The fruit of hardworking

    The fruit of hardworking
    I was shock that I am one of those Academic Excellence Awardee in our class at 2nd grading. I am thankful because I used it as my inspiration to study hard.
  • The fruit of hardworking

    The fruit of hardworking
    I was shocked that I am the one of those Academic Excellence Awardee in our class at 2nd grading. I used this as my inspiration to study hard.
  • Year End Thanksgiving

    Year End Thanksgiving
    My forever friends, my brethren by faith. I am with you in worshiping our God. The two of you such a gift for me.
  • Year End Thanksgiving

    Year End Thanksgiving
    This is how much I am bless with God in my entire life.
  • Practice makes perfect

    Practice makes perfect
    This selfie was our night practice for our Shadow Role Play. Nightly fatigues and sacrifices was not at all just to give happiness to others.
  • YES 2017

    YES 2017
    This was the day of our Year End Socializing that we perform our dancing skills. A lot of moments we collected while we're practicing our parts.
  • A night to remember

    A night to remember
    This was the most awaited part in our entire Senior High School life. A night full of happy moments with my classmates, teachers and friends, there's nothing to think just only to enjoy the night.
  • Receptionist, The event organizers

    Receptionist, The event organizers
    Being a responsible one is a pleasure for others. To organize an event is not a joke. But in the help of my co-members, it will be easy for us if each one goes together.
  • Dam at Tibagan

    Dam at Tibagan
    Unexpected friendship is the best. My enemies turn to crazy friends. Iman and company started to make a lot of memories with us. And this was the moments at dam that we built up together.
  • Seventeenth Birthday

    Seventeenth Birthday
    In my entire life, I have never experience to surprise me on my past birthday celebrations. But this time, my squad make an effort for me to be happy on that day. A simple gift from them, I was really appreciated that. Thank for this my Squiddddds.
  • Tarlac City West A Binhi Chorale

    Tarlac City West A Binhi Chorale
    To be one with this big event, I consider it as a blessing. To join with this friendly competition, I consider it as an opportunity. We celebrated those victories of this association which was the "Kapisanang Binhi."
  • Binhi Clean-up Drive

    Binhi Clean-up Drive
    It is one of those projects of "Kapisanang Binhi" in which we participate in cleaning the environment for us to celebrate the Second Worldwide Binhi Summit.
  • Binhi Boodle Fight

    Binhi Boodle Fight
    We had a refreshment after those big events in "Kapisanang Binhi." We ate together and we share each others thought that was our association goes.
  • INC Life, PNK Edition

    INC Life, PNK Edition
    I am with my cousins in this taken photo. We're attended a celebration to support the young server of God. Taking care of them is a responsibility from our God.
  • Dance it off for Healthiness

    Dance it off for Healthiness
    This was a dance for health aiming to strengthen the relationship of each member in the association of Binhi.
  • Team Jogging

    Team Jogging
    Wipe the sweat, run here, run there! We just woke up early for the squad's jogging. That's what we always do every summer.
  • Monthly Visitation

    Monthly Visitation
    Preserving the co-members is our duty. Every month, we're having a home visit for them to inform on what incoming projects that they need to be with and to check their situations and conditions too.
  • Let's build it up!

    Let's build it up!
    This was the Binhi Team Building that we have prepared and longed for. Full of activities that we had done. We played as a group and we face every challenges in each station with the help of individual's cooperation. I am praying it for a long time to fulfill this activity.
  • Look at me now!

    Look at me now!
    Even though other says that I am immature one. Now, I can prove them that being matured enough is not seeing in a physical appearance and how to interact with others. It's all about how being patient you are to understand the situations no matter what.