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Fiona's Timeline

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    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Birth :)

    I was born on an early september morning after my mother was in labor for 9 hours. I was 19 and 1/2 inches long and 6Ib 11oz.
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    First Two Years

    During the first two years you go through many changes. You start to really figure out your motor skills and also your 5 senses. You also begin to make connections with the brain with connecting the dots from curiosity. During these years I was definitly a mommy's girl. My dad worked full time and my mom worked part time to be with us more and to be there for all of us.
  • First Tooth!!!

    6 Months Old
  • First Started Walking

    I first started walking at 9 months. My mom claims that I didn't really walk but instead ran.
  • First "few" words

    Just before a year old is when I first started talking.My mom says i talked so much that I would even talk in my sleep. My first word was dada, mama and da (dog)
  • Potty Trained :)

    Potty Trained :)
    I was potty trained by my second birthday (1 year and 8 months)
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    Early Childhood

    Age 2-6. During the early years of early childhood you begin to expand your vocabulary all while growing and playing . During the later years you begin to truely process thoughts and ask questions to get more of an understanding. Motor skill wise you begin to start trying to accomplish your fine motor skills such as writing the alphabet, numbers, learning to tie shoe along with being able to draw and paint.
  • ABC and 123

    ABC and 123
    I knew the whole Alphabet at the age of 3 and by the age of 4 I could tell someone my address.
  • First tooth down 19 to go

    First tooth down 19 to go
    I lost my first tooth in 1st grade (5 years)
  • Learning to ride my bike

    Before I started kindergarden my dad taught me to ride my bike without training wheels. It took only a short time for me to truely master riding my bike by myself (5 Years Old)
  • Soccer Coordination

    Soccer Coordination
    The summer I turned six is the year that I playied soccer which helps with coordination. I loved playing and I still do when I get the chance. (6 Years Old)
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    Middle Childhood

    Age 6-11.
    During these ages while in school it was madatory to take a foreign language the language that our school had was Japenese. During the summer for these years we were constantly going up north and I was a daddy's girl at this point in my life I was his little helper when working on projects up north no matter what we were doing from working on a tractor or giving him tools that he needed to work on the house.
  • First Broken Arm

    I broke my arm when I was up north in North Porta small town north of Traverse City. We were up visiting our family and my mom and cousin took me to the park it was music in the park and we were there for about 10 minutes and I fell off the monkey bars and the closest hospital was 45 minutes away. (8 Years Old)
  • My first pet :D

    My first pet :D
    After conviencing my parents for years they finally broke down and I could get my first pet! I love animals and always have. My first pet was a ferret and you couldn't just get one so we got two. They were one of the best pets that anyone could get. This taught my bother and I responsiblity with taking care of an animal. (9 years old)
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    11-18 years of age
  • Cheer Tryouts :)))

    During my sophomore year at age 14 I tried out for the cheerleading team at my school 3 days of tryouts later I was an offical member of the team. This provides social skills with interaction of my team mates, Cognitive for learning and remembering the cheers and rountines along with physical because of stunting.
  • First love

    At the age of 17 I had offically started dating. My first relationship lasted a year and a half after growing apart from me being in college and him being a senior in high school.
  • Legally allowed to drive

    With getting a drivers license becomes great responsibilty with making sure you do not endanger others on the road. This makes you more mature cognitively.
  • PROM!

    One of the most exciting times of senior year. This is a social experience that is overwhelming but gives you a interaction with your peers that you will never forget.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    I graduated high school on June 10, 2011 one of the happiest days of my life. This is a great milestone that everyone should go through with the emotions of starting the next chapter in life. I was 17 years old.
  • Starting College!

    At the age of 17 I began college at Schoolcraft. This was a new experience socially and mentally. You have to take on more responsibility with classes and plan accordingly.
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    Emerging Adulthood

    18-25 years of age
    Although during my own life I was never really aloud to be young wild and free like most are during this time frame I enjoy all of the oppertunities I have had with over coming problems and maturing beautifully from being able to say I have been in a successful relationship to having a baby and having our first house.
  • First Official Job

    May 5th was the first time that I have ever been interviewed for a job. I applied for the part time position at Schoolcraft and a few hours later I found out the good news that I had been offered the job. (20 years)
  • Engagement

    At 19 years old I got engaged to the love of my life. This was an amazing time for me and him and it couldn't have been planned any better. Sunset of the beach along with an amazing firework show.
  • Good News!

    Good News!
    Royce and I found out that we were having a baby and I got to tell my mom and dad the good news of them becoming grandparents. (20 years old)
  • Home Owners

    Hopefully by May 1st Royce and I will be closing on our new house.
  • Graduation

    As the next step with school is getting an Associates Degree. After this semester I will offically have my Associates in Science. (20 years)
  • Due Date

    My due date for Pierce Charles White. This brings excitement and makes us nervous. But is an amazing time of life. (20 Years)
  • New car!?

    New house, new baby and a new car!? Transportation is very important nowadays with getting around and with a long comute to work it is nessacary to have a reliable ride.
  • MA Certificate

    I hope to have my Medical Assistant Certificate by 2016. This will further my skills and I can move towards my next chapter of life in the medical field. (21 years)
  • Wedding

    At the age of 26 I would love to get married for the next step of our relationship to be together forever until death do us part.
  • Period: to


    25-65 years of age.
    A lot can happen in this time frame from growing your family to having break downs because you are not as young as you once were but that is okay. In adulthood you run into many tasks and problems but you just have to keep moving forward and try not to let yourself down. Work hard so you can have the retirement that you really want to have.
  • Nursing track

    After getting my MA Certificate I plan of continuing my education to work towards my RN. (26 Years)
  • 3rd baby

    By (27) I would like to have my third baby.
  • Making dreams reality

    Making dreams reality
    After working so hard it is about time that it pays off! We have finally found our dream house in the country with land and a cute farm house. (Age 41)
  • Empty nest

    Empty nest
    At 47 years old all three kids will be out of the house. Which will have the effect of the empty nest. The youngest child will be 20 years old.
  • Can you say granny!?

    Pierce our first born son will be making us grandparents. I will be 48 years old. :) I will be able to relive having kids in my life again but have the pleaure of sending them home!
  • Midlife Crisis

    Oh know! I feel old over the hill and a granny!!!! Although I love being a granny boy oh boy do I feel old with all the new technology and what is that a wrinkle?! Time to do some major shopping therapy along with a quick hair dye to hid that gray that is coming through.... UGHHH!
  • Hobbies to keep my mind fresh

    Hobbies to keep my mind fresh
    Hobbies are very important especially now. Learning new traits to help keep my mind sharp and always moving forward can help to prevent being forgetful. I will be working with creative hobbies such as painting, Analytic such as cross word puzzles along with practical intelligence which is every day tasks.
  • Retirement

    After working since I was 18 by the age of 60 iI hope to retire and live out the rest of my life surrounded by family and hobbies that I accumlate over the years.
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    Late Adulthood

    65-100 years of age
    During the last years of life this is the time that you truly appreciate everything that you have had or have in your life from family to friends to trying to stay young at heart. During this time you also come in contact with problems mentally and physically. Mentally with your brain not functioning and remembering which is frustrating and physically because you do not have the energy level of your grand kids (boy they have a lot of energy).
  • Better Late than Never

    Better Late than Never
    After retirement you start to look around at all the items that you have bought and collected and you think what am I going to do with this stuff or let a lone the kids. So you create a will for when you pass away that will split all the items between everyone. (Age 66)