My life my style

Audrey's Timeline

  • Birth

    At 1:09 pm a baby girl was born into a family with 2 other child. She was 7 lbs 1 oz. She would soon become her parent's pride and joy
  • Period: to

    Birth to 8th Grade

  • Mom

    Kelley (mother) is an amazing listener who loves her family. She is very caring and loves getting involved with her kids.
  • Daddyy

    Roger (Father) is a strong family man. He is the family's handy man. Always loving the time he gets to spend with his kids.
  • Baptised

    My first encouter with religion was when my parents had me baptised.
  • Ducky

    Wes (Brother) is a shy 4 year old. He loves sports and playing outside
  • Right and wrong

    Right and wrong
    I never got away with very much as a child. When I would throw a fit my mother would always make me sit in my time out basket for 2 minutes. It was her way of teaching me disipline.
  • Bubber

    Rowan (Brother) is a year old toddler. He is very interested in bugs and discovering new things
  • First love

    First love
    The first man who ever had the key to my heart was my father. I would hold his finger and he would carry me on his shoulders. No one will ever take his place in my heart.
  • New Mexico

    New Mexico
    First encounter with happiness. I realized that happiness was not about winning things or money. It is about laughing and making memories with unexpected plans.
  • First experience with money

    First experience with money
    My mother has always handled the moeny in our family. My dad seems to be scared because he has a budgetting issue.
  • Conflict?

    My parents have always tried not fighting infront of the kids. When they would come acrossed a conflict, my dad would always get overwhelmed with the thought and start yelling. While my mother would stay calm and quiet until he finished his outburst. She would think the situation through and go on from there.
  • Major event...

    Major event...
    As a 12 year old, losing a family member is always hard. I lost my uncle to a 5 year battle of Brain Cancer. He is the reason I prommised never to give up on my family no matter how hard the situation is.
  • Memorable Moments

    Memorable Moments
    The Canon City Middle School took 1st place in the Blossom Parade. It was the first time that I felt successful in band and started pursuing my career in Music. It was also the first time I had ever touched a flag in my life, so it was the start to my colorguard career too!
  • Disappointment

    When my aunt failed to show up to my brothers graduation, it was a great amount of disappointment for the whole family. It was a point in life where I was starting to make my own choices. I guess you could say that I stopped caring for my aunt. The whole family disowned her.
  • Change.

    If I could change one thing about my childhood, what would it be? Well to be honest, I wouldnt change anything. My childhood made me who I am today. It may have had sad moments, but I wouldn't change how much I grew emotionally and physically
  • Period: to

    High School Career

  • Cologuard

    Colorguard was an instant family for you. It was something unexplainable. These girls always pick me up when I am down. They make me feel like I actually belong in the highschool. I am planning on being in the guard all four years of highschool too! These girls and guys are my best friends!
  • Disney

    During high-school my most memoriable accomplishment was saving the money to take a band trip to Orlando Florida. It was an amazing trip for a freshman to take during high-school. Marching in Magic Kingdom showing off your band to thousands of people is crazy!
  • Friends or Family?

    Friends or Family?
    I have had many conflicts with my friends and family. I usually try to ignore conflicts because all it causes is drama. When I fight with my friends I usually tell them my side of the story and stick to an decision I make. When I fight with my parents, I usually run to my room and cry because they don''t usually listen to what I have to say. What can I say we are pretty hard headed!
  • Second Love

    Second Love
    Andy is my best friend. We have known each other for at least 6 years, but he never became a huge part of my life until we started dating. He has been there through several major situations and has always had my back.
  • Money Skills

    Money Skills
    I have always been a save. I save my money for my trips to Arizona and College. Most of the time I earn my money babysitting and helping my parents whenever they need.
  • My Best Friend

    My Best Friend
    One of the many influencial people is my life is my mom. She always shows me right from wrong. There is not a day that goes by that I don't go to her for advice. She has supported me through everything I have ever gone through too. No matter what she will always be my best friend.
  • Happiness

    Happiness during three of my fours years of highschool is spending late nights hanging out with my friends and laghing. Its making all of the memories we possibly can and forgetting the hurt we have all gone through to get where we are!
  • After Graduation

    After Graduation
    After I graduate, I plan on only staying a few months in Colorado. I want to move to Arizona and live with my boyfriend while he finishes up his degree, while I start college. I was planning on doing the cheaper way out and going to a Community College, complete my basic and then transfer to a university. I then want to major in Accoutning where I will start my new career.
  • Period: to

    Future Plans

  • Moving Out

    Moving Out
    After I move out on my own I want to rent an apartment with my boyfriend. Find a job that is close by and pays well. I would love if the area was large, safe, clean area. Big enough for 2 people to live in and also have friends over without it being to packed.
  • Forever Plus a Day

    Forever Plus a Day
    I want get married after I am out of college and I have my career under my belt. I would love be between 23 and 26. My husband has to be smart, funny, understanding and have a personality that will not clash with mine!
  • Marriages that I have seen

    Marriages that I have seen
    Communitcation is everything in a marriage. Without it a lot of trust and key things can go down the drain. I have seen that first hand with people who mean the world to me. I am hoping that my husband with understand that we do not need money to make us happy. We also need to have parent nights because I don't want to lose sight of why we got married!
  • Kids?

    I have always wanted to start a family with my best friend. I would love to have 2 kids (a boy and a girl.) I want the boy older so he can protect his little sister, if need be. I think it would be amazing if I could live close enough to our family that we can have them help if they need to, but I don't want to live close enough so that they are breathing down my back!
  • Life Lessons

    Life Lessons
    Five things that my kids will learn to build their character are...
    1) Wrong from Right
    2) Money isn't everything and it won't buy you happiness.
    3) Disipline, hard work and manors
    4) Work for what you have, it won't be just handed to you.
    5) We will always love you, even if we are mad at you.
  • Midlife

    I see myself living a happy lofe and having a career I love. I am hoping that I won't have to worry about money because I am living the life I have made for myself. Budgetting and money management will play a huge role in my life around this time. I will never forget that family comes before my job!
  • Life Dreams

    Life Dreams
    If nothing stood in my way my dream life would be having a huge house for my family. I would love to have several nice cars and a couple play toys (atv, snowmobile, dirt bikes, off-road trucm ect.)
  • Midlife Happiness

    Midlife Happiness
    Happiness for me would be having the man that I love by my side. I wouldn't have a worry in the world. I would have my family to love and be doing something I love!
  • Death

    I would love to live until I was 95 years old! It would be awesome to live my life to the fullest and die knowing that I did everything I had planned on doing! I would love to complete my bucket list!