Timeline of My Exposure to Traditional and New Media

  • November 25, 2000 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    November 25, 2000 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    On this Day, I was born. Today I was able to use (unconsciously and unknowingly) a pacifier, crib and towel
    Pacifier - used to stop me from crying
    Crib - baby bed
    towel - my "choice of clothing"
  • November 25, 2000 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    November 25, 2000 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    On this day, I was born. At the time, I was using some new technological advances for babies like Diapers, Feeding Bottles, and Handkerchiefs
    Diaper - My Underwear
    Feeding Bottle - My container for milk
    Handkerchief - Got dirt? use it to remove it!
  • 2001 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2001 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    During this year, I was still using baby-related objects like baby bath-tubs, rattlers, and baby toys
    baby bath-tubs - for bathing
    rattler - to make noise
    baby toys - temporary attention seeker
  • 2001 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2001 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this time, I was learning how to walk and was carried everywhere. Hence, I was using Carriers, Strollers, and Walkers
    Carrier - Like a basket, but for carrying babies
    Strollers - I used it as a car powered by parents
    Walkers - Learning to walk 101
  • 2002 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2002 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    This year, I was now growing to be like and act like a child. Toys. Toys Everywhere. Examples include Toy Figurines, Stuffed Toys, Life Jackets
    Toy Figurine - humanoid toys that look like known people or cartoons
    Stuffed Toy - Toys that I considered to be my greatest friend (Until the present)
    Life Jacket - No. Not the Life jacket in boats. "Salbabida" or the ring bouys that kids wear since they don't know how to swim
  • 2002 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2002 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    In reference to the other topic about 2002, I was growing up and had "certain needs". Examples are night lights, kiddie pools, and battery-operated kid cars!
    Night Light - Your one and only hope when you are afraid of the dark
    Kiddie pool - Too far from the sea? bring the water to you! Literally!
    battery-operated kid cars - Driving in style....Kid-style
  • 2003 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2003 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    Here, I was living the last days of my early stages of childhood and was about to enter a new age for my life. The things I used included Bikes, Bags and Hats
    Bikes - Motorcycles for kids; getting around was easy with this bad boy
    Bag - Everyone had one; used for carrying other things to cumbersome for hands
    Hat - used as protection from the sun or used as fashion....or both
  • 2003 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2003 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    For a kid, I was pretty up to date at the time. Really, I was living the high life with Television, VCD players, and of course, VCDs
    Television - One of the most common mass media devices in the world; used to watch the news, programs, and cartoons
    VCD player - Used to play cheerful songs for kids, and retro songs for parents; Had a lot of memories singing along with this device
    VCD - You can't use a VCD Player without a VCD itself! Try using a phone without batteries
  • 2004 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2004 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    4 Years old. The age where kids finally go to school starting in the nursery level. What would someone expect of me using here? Pencils, Paper, and Books
    Pencils - used to write, draw, and for kids, to bite!
    Paper - used with pencils to create Homework. And maybe even drawings
    Books - One of the first storage materials in the world to store knowledge as mass media
  • 2004 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2004 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    Here are some of the newest thing s made just recently to help me in my studies. Erasers, Raincoats, and Rulers
    Erasers - Used to erase mistakes in answers or drawings
    Raincoats - Much much more relevant compared to a teeny tiny umbrella
    Ruler - Used to measure anything with an edge or straight line. But most commonly found with kids using said thing as swords
  • 2005 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2005 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    In 2005, I was given things that would make me even more formal in going to school but with one twist. I had shoes, combs, and a passport
    Shoes - normal footwear used by people of all ages
    Comb - used to fix the hair of a child
    Passport - from the word "to pass" and "port" you use it to pass through borders of different countries; wasn't able to use it though
  • 2005 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2005 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    I was now bringing snacks and had containers to bring to school which had food with them and also something to erase mistakes. Erasers, food containers and water bottles
    Eraser - Used in coherence with the pencil to erase mistakes
    Food container - commonly called as "baon". Carries food cooked by parents
    Water bottle - Used to bring water. But, can also be used to bring any other liquid like milk or chocolate
  • 2006 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2006 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this year, I also learned how to use Crayons, Pentel Pen, and even got to use a Xerox Machine that my parents bought a long time ago (somehow it still worked)
    Crayons - Used for coloring things
    Pentel Pen - Mostly used for White Boards
    Xerox Machine - Used to copy documents and papers enmass. Common customers are office workers and students
  • 2006 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2006 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    This year is when I turned six and a lot of change when into my life. This included doing a lot of academic related things and accepting a duty in the Children's Worship Service.
    Notebooks - Used to jot down notes when listening to lectures and lessons
    Scissors - used to cut and making stuff in Handicrafts. Children must be supervised when using this tool
    Barong Tagalog - A cultural and normal part of Filipino life. Used in doing my duties as a "munting kagawad" in the CWS
  • 2007 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2007 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    1. The year that I entered the Elementary or Grade School level and started to travel to different countries. Finlly got to use that passport! I was able to ride a tram, a ship, and a Horse-cart Tram - imagine a bus and a train hybrid. Exactly.; first used in Hong kong Ship - A very large boat used to sail the seas and carry lots of people and cargo; first used in going to Macau from Hongkong Horse-cart - A cart powered by or is ridden by using a horse.; Used in Hong kong and Macau
  • 2007 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2007 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    In refernence to 2007 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology, I was able to use a lot of High-end devices and vehicles like a plane, playstation portable and cable cars
    Plane - A vehicle used to fly and the fastest type of transport; guess where I went
    PlayStation Portable - Commonly known as "PSP". A playstation that is "portable" for it to be carried; Bought in Hong kong, lasted for years
    Cable Car - A car but with a cable and is suspended in the air; First used in Hong kong
  • 2008 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2008 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    Was now currently upgrading old equipment with new ones with new things like Transportation cards, DVD players and Luggage
    Transportations Cards - Cards used for transportation. Common in advanced East Asian countries like Japan. The beep card is one such example
    DVD Players - used to play CDs; had a lot of movies to watch.
    Luggage - Used to carry a lot of things on long trips. Traveled a lot. Needed one or more. Got more.
  • 2008 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2008 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    1. Eight years old. Was now starting to want to be a little bit more knowledgeable about how the world works. Discovered Trumpets, Pompoms, and the Guitar Trumpets - An instrument that is played by using wind; Saw in a cartoon, bought one, was destroyed Pompoms - Aesthetics used for cheering; used in an activity in school Guitar - A string instrument. Famous in Latin influenced countries ;Played a small one as a kid
  • 2009 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2009 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    Turned 9 years old. Was now becoming mature and excited and becoming an adult (how I regreted that idea when the time came).
    Got to use a Wallet, Piano and a Banduria
    Wallet - Used to store money; Never had money. Just had a wallet
    Piano - an instrument that was used to make melody and notes; my aunt gave it to us, just bashed it until it broke
    Banduria - a string instrument similar to the Guitar; joined the Rondalla, learned the instrument, did not last long there
  • 2009 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2009 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this year, I was able to play out some rollerskates and was able to have a computer PC and a mouse
    Rollerskates - Shoes with wheels; did not last a week with me
    Computer Desktop - Common device in todays 21st Century; Had a lot of good gaming memories back then
    Mouse - Used to navigate a desktop. Cannot be used without a monitor; Had a lot of mouses with a few devices
  • 2010 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2010 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    This was a time when I was becoming more and more curious about being a grown up and mature. This was also a time where I was excited to become a "mature person". I was able to use Belts, Boots, and Money
    Belt - Used to keep your pants in place within the waist; commonly used in school and in the CWS
    Boots - another variation of shoes but bigger; commonly was used for the rainy season
    Money - Currency used to buy things of necessity or interest. This year was the first time I used my own money
  • 2010 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2010 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this year, I was now gaining more and more up to date technology through my parents. Some of these were a Cellphone, the Air Condition and a Tablet
    Cellphone - Commonly used today by everyone and a "staple device". Commonly used for Social Media or Communication; I used it when calling my parents and loved ones
    Air Condition - A device that converts Hot air to Cold; The room was now no longer hot at day nor at night
    Tablet - an enlarged variant of a phone; was used for gaming
  • 2011 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2011 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this time, I was becoming much much more mature and was improving even the slightest of changes like using a Tennis Racket, Head set, and a Electric Fan.
    Tennis Racket - A racket used in playing Tennis; first used during a random match
    Head Set - a device that enables privacy and sound; desperately needed it for my projects, so I bought one
    Electric Fan - A fan that gives wind flow for comfortability; I was given my own fan for my room
  • 2011 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2011 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    During this time was when I was becoming more and more independent for myself as I strived to become one of the "Awesome Guys". I also was doing my new chores since we now lost a maid for the house. I was able to use the Drums, Hanger, and Basketball
    Drums - A percussion Instrument; I used it while I was in the Marching Band of the New Era University
    Hanger - Used to "hang" clothes; one of my first chores
    Basketball - a ball used for the sport of the same name; Started playing the game at my age
  • 2012 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2012 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    12 Years old. I was already undergoing puberty, learning the main doctrines of the church and was taught basic living skills with sewing with a Needle and Yarn and used a Flute for a project.
    Flute - A wind instrument to produce harmony; used in my music class
    Needle - a tool used in sewing clothes; used in my project in TLE
    Yarn - a material used in creating cloth and clothes; obviously needed for sewing class
  • 2012 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2012 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    While I was 12 years old, I learned about using a Sewing machine in school and received a new type of clothing that increased my style and inevitably became my favorite type of clothing
    Jacket - a thick piece of clothing used for style or protection; Used in my province. Never regretted it
    Sewing Machine - A machine that makes sewing easier; Learned in correlation with TLE/sewing class
    Sunglasses - Glasses that have anti-glare technology - Given by my dad because it was old
  • 2013 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2013 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    This was the year that I entered the Ministry. Because of this, I trained myself to cook and was given a suit and tie (Type A) to start my journey.
    Coat - A piece of clothing commonly used for formal events; Used as my uniform
    Tie - A piece of clothing that is commonly paired with a suit; Used as my uniform
    Apron - Clothing used while cooking for protection against fluids and easier cooking; My mother forced me to wear it as it was my first time.
  • 2013 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2013 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    New Life. Simplification for being Baptized, learning how to cook, and going abroad for two times!
    Spatula - A tool used in cooking; One of the first things I used to cook my first meal. Eggs
    Camera - A device used to take photos; Given as a "welcome to high-school" gift
    Video Camera - A device used to create videos; Given to me by my father who had too much cameras
  • 2014 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2014 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    During this year, I went to many places in Asia. Also at this time I had many projects to do in school. Some of these included Sketchpads, Bracelets, and a Train.
    Sketchpad - A book used for sketching and drawing; I first used it in a project for arts. Was my first since I wasn't fond of drawing.
    Bracelet - An accessory worn in the hands; Used during the time when making D.I.Y. bracelets were everywhere
    Train - Transportation using rails and cables; first used when my family went on the MRT
  • 2014 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2014 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    During this year, my hardware equipment upgraded dramatically with a new USB, External Hard Drive, and a laptop!
    USB - A storage device in transferring files; Always needed it, always used it
    Hard Drive - A device used as storage space. Commonly put inside of a system; Had one just in case I needed the space. Never regretted that decision
    Laptop - A computer you can carry around which is lighter and smaller compared to a desktop
  • 2015 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2015 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    It was during this year that I was starting to commute instead of having my parents coming with me to school. Some of these vehicles included Tricycles, Pedicycles, and Jeeps.
    Tricycle - A Motorcycle with a sidecar. Common in the Philippines; My go to ride everytime
    Pedicycle - A bicycle with a sidecar; Used it when I stayed in the province for a bit.
    Jeep - Trademark Vehicle of the Philippines; Was used during long distance trips within Metro Manila.
  • 2015 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2015 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    I was able to use a Printer because of my increasing homework and projects and school. I was also able to use the Bus and a Taxi when specific situations called for it.
    Printer - A device that prints out documents from software; Used it frequently in coalition with my laptop.
    Bus - A common commute vehicle in carrying baggage and commuters. I used it for long distance travel in going to Pangasinan
    Taxi - A vehicle that is used for express transportation; Used it when I had to go to SM Megamall.
  • 2016 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2016 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    I was now "moving-up" this year because of the K-12 program. Because of this, I was now going through disciplinary changes as preparation for Senior Highschool and College. These included having my own Stamp, Bed, and Watch.
    Stamp - A stamp with my name written; used for signing documents
    Watch - An accessory/device for telling the time; was very handed during many instances
    Bed - An object used for sleeping; I was given my own bed and room during this year.
  • 2016 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2016 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    This year, I was now able to use a lot of up to date technology because of my friends and my parents. I also had to take care of my hygiene personally because of maturity. This included using a Razor, the PlayStation 3 Console, and a power bank.
    Razor - Used for shaving; I had to use it because of my moustache
    PlayStation 3 - A console used for gaming; courtesy of my rich friend
    Power Bank - A device that stores power for other use; I needed it for my cellphone and tablet outdoors
  • 2017 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2017 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    My First Year as a Senior High-school Student showed me a new perspective as this was supposed to be the year as a "College student" during the old curriculum. Because of this, new privileges were given by my parents. These included a Credit Card, an included Bankbook, and a Bath Robe.
    Credit Card - A card used for transactions; Used for shopping
    Bankbook - A book that records transactions; comes with a debit card
    Bath Robe - Clothing used during baths; I don't know why I was given this
  • 2017 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2017 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    This was the year where I had a lot of personal changes in my life. I was now literally preparing for my future. Because of this, I was able to experience using a Car, Braces, and a Washing Machine
    Braces - A device used in repairing teeth; I had it because I was obligated by the school
    Car - A vehicle used for personal/Public transportation; I got my own for future use in the school
    Washing Machine - A machine used in washing clothes and apparel; I learned how to use it as addition to my chores
  • 2018 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology

    2018 - Preindustrial/Industrial Technology
    This year is my last year as a "child" because when I graduate. I will enter College the College Level. This is also the year where our teacher gave us this project to create a timeline. I also got to use a Typewriter, Ballot, and a Clothes Iron.
    Typewriter - An old device for typing in documents; Used it for some documents in school
    Ballot - Used during elections; This was the first time I voted as a citizen of our country
    Clothes Iron - Used for Ironing Clothes; I had to learn sooner or later
  • 2018 - Electronic/Digital Technology

    2018 - Electronic/Digital Technology
    The year of 2018 was when I am preparing for my college life. because of this, I was now given some minor things including some additions to our vehicle devices. These are Highlighters, a Vacuum, and a Suit Bag.
    Vacuum - A cleaning device used to suck unclean surfaces; used in cleaning our car
    Highlighter - a pen used for "Highlighting" our "giving emphasis" to a written statement; used in my books and notes
    Suit bag - A bag for suits; I use it for my suits or my "Type A Uniform"