Timeline of the Hero

Timeline created by ASanthin
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    I began my journey by picking my hero: Captain "Sully" Sullenberger of US Flight 1549. It took some time and many other potential candidates before I finally came across him, and I knew he would be perfect for me.
  • Picking my Biography

    Picking my Biography
    I was able to find an auotbiography written by Captain Sullenberger himself with Jeffrey Zaslow, as well. It's called "Highest Duty"and it's 321 pages long.
  • The Research Thickens

    The Research Thickens
    Today, I went to the library in my school where i found two online articles about Captain Sullenberger that have lots of information in them. They will be great assets in my learning and research of the captain.
  • The Learning Starts Now

    The Learning Starts Now
    I began reading the autobiography of Captain Sullenberger that I checked out from the library. I'm really curious about his childhood and can't wait to learn about him.
  • The Beginning Captures

    The Beginning Captures
    I read more of my autobiography today and was truly fascinated by what I've learned about Captain Sullenberger's daily routine, life, and childhood.
  • Blog Creation

    Blog Creation
    Today I also posted my first blog entry on Posterous.Com where I explained who my hero was and why he inspired me to pick him for my project.
  • Picking the Best One

    Picking the Best One
    Today I thought in great detail about who I was going to interview for my hero project. There were many people I could choose from like my mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and that's just family members. I however decided to pick my grandfather Dub, my mom's dad, to interview due to his experiences in the US Army and flying planes.
  • Blog Numero 2

    Blog Numero 2
    I posted my second Posterous post today. This one was concerning heroes during my childhood along with contemporary heroes that I found while reading the various novels and short stoires we have read throughout this school year.
  • It's About Time

    It's About Time
    I finally reached the part of my biography where Captain Sullenberger describes the landing of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. I was very fascinated by his skill while landing the plane as well as the cooperation of the passengers to help get through the emergency safely.
  • Finally Done!

    Finally Done!
    Today, I finished my biography about Captain Sullenberger. I was really surprised at that him and I hared many common interests and desires, but overall he really inspired me to go out with a kind and selfless attitude to help make the world and others around me better to be in and around.
  • Now the Real Work Begins...

    Now the Real Work Begins...
    Now that I finished my biography about Captain Sullenberger, it's time to begin my research paper. I've started thinking about how I want to organize my ideas and what I want to mention in my essay. I believe Captain Sullenberger perfectly embodies the idea of a hero and I intend my paper to prove just that.