the life of THE legend Philip Michael Robinson

  • THE legend was born

    THE legend was born
    i was born on March 1st 1996
  • my first vacation!!!

    my first vacation!!!
    when i was 8 months old , iwent to Jamaica for the first time
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    appearently i had a very HUGE party when i was 1.. about 100 people came to see pretty ole' me!!
  • My uncle Glen's death:(

    Unfortunatley i lost my 25 year old uncle to a fatal car accident, he died when i was only 2 years old. He lived in Jamaica, so i only saw him a few times as a baby. But with those short times we had together... we made the most of it, my parents would always tell me stories of us. Love you Uncle Glen R.I.P
  • Troublemaker

    As a baby i was a troublemaker. i did anything that involved trouble, I hit,bite,spit,pinch,kick,cry,pooped and yelled. but the day of May 12th was the worst by far. i was being babysat while my parents were out, and i guess my babysitter was sleeping, and at this age i knew how to open the door, so i did.. and left my house. As my parents got homethey couldnt find me and they called the po-poe...a.k.a the police. i was found the next morning..and brought to the police station.. thank God
  • Favorite movie

    Favorite movie
    My favorite movie love and basketball got released

    I had my 5th birthday at McDonalds
  • my first rep basketball game

    my first rep basketball game
  • Im an uncle, of triplets?

    my sister had triplets when she was 29.. to 2 girls and 1 boy.
    DJ,Maya and Sophie
  • Graduation

    I graduated from St. Therese of Liseux elementary school

    I became a knight
  • Bad news

    I tore my knee last year in gym class... which i had to miss the sr. boys football championship football game for..:(

    We fell short to them twice already in the regular season losing by 30 the first game, and 15 the second time, which i may include i dropped 6 pts. in a minute that game.. just saying.. but anyways...we came back the third time and beat the cathedral gaels when it mattered the most.... which if i may include i got the game winning steal...but enough about me... IM A CHAMPION BABY!!!
  • Gotta love 'em

    Gotta love 'em
    Got my 25th pairs of shoes..... need i remind you 25 pairs of shoes that i still where, and still look good