The Life of Me

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Thailand, Bangkok, in the continent of Asia. I am a a thai person. I am the only child in the family. I wasn't sure why was my name Music, but my mom said two things. One, my uncle thought of "mu" and my grandmother added "sic". So it became Music. I was born at Bumrungrad hospital.
  • First Trip to Singapore

    First Trip to Singapore
    I first went to Singapore when I was 2 years old. When I grow up, I forgoted what did I did at SIngapore. I had went there for 2 times. This picture here, is the lable of Singapore. If you go to Singapore you need to go there, because some people said that if you don't go there, it's like you didn't complete going to Singapore yet.
  • First Met my Second Aunty

    First Met my Second Aunty
    When I was about 4 years old. I first met my second aunty at the wedding. She married with my mom's second little brother. When I saw her I was confuse what was happening and who was she. Until, when I was 4 I had know that she is my aunty. She has long hair have brown hair. She also learns before at RIS too. That's how I know RIS.
  • First Time to Learn At School

    First Time to Learn At School
    When I was about age 3-4 I first went to school. When I learn pre-k the first day, I don't know anyone so the next day I didn't want to go to school. But then when I went there the second day I had friends. In the class, I have a friend that her nickname was Ploy. She had along hair and it was black. She is a thai girl. I also have a friend that is older than me one year. Her name was Eli and she was a japanese half Thai girl. Her father is a japanese person and her mother is a thai person.
  • Tsunami At Southern Part of Thailand

    Tsunami At Southern Part of Thailand
    On the year 2004 at Thailand, when I was about 4 years old. There had be a tsunami at the southern part of Thailand. Good, that it wasn't happening in Bangkok because if it happen in Bangkok, the city would have more trouble, because there are big building, important thing's have been keeped, also if the big building's fall down they might make people injured or die.
  • First Time Learn How to Swim

    First Time Learn How to Swim
    When I was about 5 years old, I learn how to swim. At first, I was scared to swim. But, when I know how to float and swim already I think that it is really fun. Because I can play without worring that I cant swim. But the first time I learn how to swim, I didn't really pay attention because I was scared that I would drown. When I learned 2 years past, I swim and I was really fast.
  • First Time Play Piano

    First Time Play Piano
    It started when I went to somewhere and saw someone playing piano, then I wanted to play. So, I told my mom and my mom said thatit was a good idea for me to learn piano, so she let me learn piano. I learned with 3 other kids. I had a best friend at the piano to, her name was Pim. After learning the key's and everthing, they started let me play easy songs.
  • First Time went to Hua Hin

    First Time went to Hua Hin
    I first went vacation at Hua Hin on the year 2006. When I was about 5 or 6 years old. I wen't to Hua Hin almost every year. Everytime when I go I always change resort or hotel. My family like to go there because it is the nearest place that is good. Also, we go there lot's of time already, so we won't get lost.Every time we go there alway's have to be something fun.
  • Got A Cat

    Got A Cat
    When I was in grade 1, I got a cat. When I was in grade 1, I saw my friend had a cat, so I wanted to have to, because I think it's cute. At first, I ask for lots of time until they let. My cat color is black,orange,and white. It also had 4 babies after that but one die because it didn't drink alot of milk. When they grow up they both don't like each other.
  • Move to Learn At Ruamrudee

    Move to Learn At Ruamrudee
    I moved to learm at Ruamrudee when I was going to learn grade 1. When I was in grade 1, I had learned with a teacher name Mr.Doug. Mr.Doug 'is a Australia person, and he is funny. He like's to read a book called "The Magic Far Away Tree". It's about that they found a tree that take's them to a magic land. Every chapter they would go to another place. The main characters are Joe, Bessy, and Fanny.
  • Had My First Telephone

    Had My First Telephone
    When I was in grade 2, I had my own telephone. Because, I alway's go to gate 6 late and so, I don't know where did the car parked, so I got a telephone. It is a samsung company. The color was a pink one. The first time when I dropped it, I was really scare that it would break. But it didn't break, so I feel better. I really like to play games in it.
  • First Time Wore Glasses

    First Time Wore Glasses
    When I was 9 years old I started to wear glasses. Because I watch the computer to close. At first I didn't really want to wear it because I think that it makes our eye more hurt. But when I try to wear it was not what I think, instead it made me see more better. From the first time I started to wear it, until now I had lost 2 of them. One, fell out of my pocket, and the other one I forgot it at the hospital.
  • First Time Started to Read Junie B. Jones

    First Time Started to Read Junie B. Jones
    First time I readed Junie B. Jones was when I was in second grade. At first, I thought it wasn't funny, but I saw lot's of people reading it, so I try to read.I read Junie B. Jones and the Mushy gushy Valentine for my first one. When I finish the book it was really funny and excited. So from that day, I read Junie B. Jones, if I saw one that I didn't readyet.T
  • First Time Went to Honkong

    First Time Went to Honkong
    I first went to Honkong on grade 3 during the christmas holiday. I went as a tour. The first 2-3 days I went with the tour. But, the last day they let us go by ourself. One day, when the tour guide take us to a chinese restaraunt, one waiter came and serve a really big fried crab. Then after that 10 min. the waiter came back and said that he serve it to the wrong table. But, the people who were in the tour almost ate it all already.
  • War in Cambodia and Thailand

    War in Cambodia and Thailand
    There had been a war between the Cambodia and Thailand. The war begans because the Cambodia want's a part of our country.
  • Newzeland Earthquake

    Newzeland Earthquake
    There had beena Newzeland Earthquake on Febuary 22,2011. It was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. It happen in Canterbury region in Newzeland south region.
  • War in Libya

    War in Libya
    There had been a war in Libya on March 2011. But not sure when did it started. There was a war between the Libya and the United States.
  • Earhquake Happen In Japan

    Earhquake Happen In Japan
    There was a earthquake happening in Japan, on April.There was also a tsunami happening at Japan. From this natural disaster, the newe's said the world had move faster, but only a little bit not in seconds. IIt gave me a connection of in that time, many natural disaster happen in the world. I was really scared it would happen in bangkok, but it did not.
  • Got A New Mobile

    Got A New Mobile
    I got a new mobile on grade 4. I got the brand samsung and it's candy wifi. At first I was going to get the pink one, but the person who work there said that the pimk is all gone,so I get orange instead. Before I get the orange one I also wanted to get he white one, but my mom said it dosen't look nice so that's why I get the orange one.
  • First Time Met Miss Stacey

    First Time Met Miss Stacey
    When I was going to learn grade 4, I first met miss Stacey on the first day of school. Miss Stacey is really funny. We have two hamsters name Fish and Flake. They stay in the same cage before, but now they don't. Because at firt Flake like to bite Fish. But after that Fish likes to bite Flake. They are the hamster's brothers.