The Awesome life of Faraz

By faraz

    This was a really extraordinary (incredible) year for my parents and my whole family because they knew i was going to be born so they bought me these many toys it was really incredible.
  • July19,2001

    this was the year i was born July.19,2001 i was a really naughty and cute baby i looked exactly just like this baby i was reaaly naughty and cute at the same time.
  • May.24,2002

    This year my brother was born it was the most miserablest year in my whole life my brothers job is making me miserable and he is great at it everyday he makes it more and more miserable
  • July.19,2002

    My first birthday party was on July.19,2002 i was having alot of fun and it was extraordinary how every one was so happy to see me for the first time we had such a big friut cake to eat I ate alot of it
  • May.24,2003

    My brothers first birthday party was actualyy prettty cool we ate alot of cake and candy a bunch of my mom and dads friends were there and alot of babies i already made alot of friends that day we were playing with alot of my brothers and mine.

    This was the first time I ever came to Canada I was so excited to come to Canadait was just like how I imagined it I lived in Missisauga for eight years we would always go to Niagra Falls and see it it was an extraordinary view I loved to go to Niagra Falls.
  • Hello School

    Hello School
    This was the first ever time I started Kindergarten I loved it there but unfortunately on the first day of school I was crying so much because I did not know that my mom would leave me alone at school I thought I was going to stay there forever but then I knew I was going to go home. After, that i never cryed but my brother cryed every single day of kindergarten
  • Playstation3, Wii, and Computer.

    Playstation3, Wii, and Computer.
    This was the year i got my Playstation 3. It was really awesome for me I loved that gift , my game that i played on my ps3 was Medal Of Honor and Call of Duty 2.( Also on May.24,2006.) my brother got a Wii for his birthday.
  • Hello Brampton

    Hello Brampton
    This was the year i came to Bramton it was a wonderful view I was really sad that I had to move because I thought that I would never ever see my friends again but i thought wrong. Every month one of my friend comes to my house and we do a bunch of great things. So coming to Brampton is amazing.
  • Hello Grade 6

    Hello Grade 6
    This was one of the best years of my life Grade 6 I met alot of new students and alot of great teachers grade 6 is not that hard if you just pay attention what the teacher says, and understand what the teacher means or what he or she is talking about