Texas history timeline

  • Period: to

    events that led to mexican independence

  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Paris_(1783)The treaty of paris ended the french and indian war. It required France and spain to give territory to Britian. In the old world it ended the seven years war.
  • Marques de Rubi report

    Marques de Rubi report
    [Marques de Rubi Report](<a href='http://www.tshaonline.org/day-by-day/31215' )The Rubi Report was a report that recomended that Spain abandon Texas. It was requested by the king of Spain. He wanted to close many of the missions and "pull back its presidios to a line along the Rio Grande."
  • American revolution begins

    American revolution begins
    American RevolutionLexington and Concord. Minutemen were organized to fight against Great Britain. Americans and British soldiers faced each other at the town park in Lexington. Shots were fired and the British continued on to Concord.
  • U.S. Declaration of Independence

    U.S. Declaration of Independence
    Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and declared the United States to be free from England.
  • United States gains independence

    United States gains independence
    U.S. gains independenceAfter the American Revolution British and American leaders signed a peace treaty in 1783. Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent nation.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    French RevolutionThe Tennis Court Oath was a pledge signed by 577 people called the Third Estate. This was considered to be the start of the French Revolution.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Louisiana PurchaseThe U.S. bought land from France for 15 million dollars. It was a huge amount of land, that was very cheap, went from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Cry of Delores

    Cry of Delores
    Cry of DoloresThe Cry of Delores was said by the local priests to get the people to revolt against the Spanish. This started the Mexican war of Independence.
  • Gutierrez-Magee Expedition

    Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
    WikipediaApproximately 130 men crossed the Sabine from Louisiana to rule in Texas. They adopted a green flag for a banner.
  • Panic of 1819

    Panic of 1819
    Digital HistoryThe Panic of 1819 was when a financial panic swept across the country. Trade stopped, unemployment rose and banks failed. The panic happened because of many reasons, including a decline in cotton prices. The panic was over by 1823.
  • James Long

    James Long
    Long expeditionJames Long was a doctor, merchant, and leader of 300 angry men who marched into Texas. He declared that Texas was a free republic, but he was driven out back to Mississippi.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    mexican IndependenceMexico finally gained independence from Spain in 1821. Mexicans were not happy being ruled by Spain. The first call for freedom was issued on September 16, 1810 by Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. He was called the "Father of Mexican Independence." Mexico did not have its independence until 11 years later.
  • Imperial Colonization Law

    Imperial Colonization Law
    TSHA The imperial Colonization Law recognized slavery but made slave trading illegal.
  • Battle of Medina

    Battle of Medina
    tshaThe Battle of Medina was fought between the republican forces of the Gutierrez-Magee expedition and a Spanish royalist army. It was the bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil. Less than 100 republicans escaped alive.
  • Coahuila y Texas

    Coahuila y Texas
    Colonization LawsCoahuila y Texas was a Mexican state that was made up of the former Spanish provinces of Coahuila and Texas. This happened when the Federalists wrote a constitution that divided the nation into states and territories.
  • The "Old Three Hundred" Colony

    The "Old Three Hundred" Colony
    TSHA. Settlers who received land grants from Stephen F. Austin to farm fertile land along major rivers in Texas. Approximately 300 family were granted this land and came from various parts of the U.S.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitution of 1824
    Tarleton Law LibraryThe Constitution of 1824 established Texas, set rights and responsibilities of the people, and defined the government and its powers. It was patterned after the U.S. constitution and also like the Spanish constitution of 1812.