Terran's PAC timeline of Modern Spain(after 1492)until the end of the Napoleanic Wars

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  • Period: May 30, 1492 to

    History of Spain 1492-1800

  • Aug 9, 1492

    The expulsion of the Moors

    The expulsion of the Moors
    In 1492, Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Moors, as well as religious minorities. They were ordered to leave the country by August 9th
  • Sep 6, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    On September 6th, 1492, Christopher Columbus began his voyage. He attempted to sail to the British Indies by travelling west, but ran into the Americas instead.
  • Apr 16, 1520

    The Revolt of the Comuneros begins

    The Revolt of the Comuneros begins
    In the Revolt of the Comuneros, people who lived in the province of Castille revolted against King Charles.The people argued that all new taxes be rejected, that the foreign government be expelled, and that the king should take into account his subject's wishes. The revolt ended with the beheading of the rebel leaders on Octo.ber 25, 1521
  • Apr 15, 1568

    The Dutch Revolt

    The Dutch Revolt
    The Dutch Revolt was the successful attempt of the dutch the secede from Roman-Catholic rule and establish a republic, one of the first in Europe. They named the republic United Provinces. The war lasted until 1648.
  • Oct 7, 1571

    The Battle of Lepanto

    The Battle of Lepanto
    The Battle of Lepanto was a battle where the Christian Holy League attacked and defeated a large Turkish Ottoman naval force. the battle was fought so that the Muslims would not take over profitable shipping routes.In 1973, Pope Pious V declared October 7th to be a national holiday.
  • Plague!

    From 1599 to 1600, a dreadful plague struck Spain. In the region of Castile, it killed 500,000 people. Prices for corn, a staple crop for the Spanish, rose by 250%.
  • Thirty Years War

    Thirty Years War
    The Thirty Years War was a long continuous war that lasted from 1618 to 1648. The opposing sides were originally the Protestants and the Catholics, headed by the Holy Roman Emperor. As the war went on, it became a conflict between the major powers of the time. One result of the war was that Germany won its independence but split into many seperate pieces, limiting its power.
  • The War of Spanish Succession

    The War of Spanish Succession
    The War of Spanish Succession was fought between the Grand Alliance and the Alliance of the Two Crowns. The Grand Alliance was composed of the Dutch, the Austrians, and the English, while the Alliance of the Two Kings composed of the French and the Spanish. The peace treaty in 1715 gave the Grand alliance most of the benefits they wanted. England ended up with many benefits, while the French lost Canada.
  • Decreto de Nueva Planta

    Decreto de Nueva Planta
    Phillip V signed the Decreto de Nueva Planta in 1715. It gave control of the regions under the control of the Crown of Aragon to Castile.
  • The Seven Years War

    The Seven Years War
    The Seven Years War(French and Indian War) was fought from 1756 to 1763. It was fought by the British and her colonies against the French, the Native Americans, and the Spanish. After Spain's defeat, it gave up Florida to the British, but gained Louisiana from the French.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris ended the American Revolutionary War, in which Spain aided the colonies. Spain reaquired Florida, which it had lost at the end of the Seven Years War.
  • Napoleanic Wars

    Napoleanic Wars
    The Napoleanic Wars were a series of wars in which Napolean attempted to conquer Europe. Against him were 7 coalitions. Napolean defeated the first five, including Spain. This caused Spain to lose control over some of its colonies and gave them a better chance to break free.
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