Tena's technology timeline

  • Color television set

    I can remember my family getting a color television set. It had big glass tubes that snapped in, in the back. If the color started to look funny, we would go down to the local drug store and find a replacement tube and snap it in.
  • Record player

    Record player
    I remember listening to music on our families phonograph player. It was quite nice, in a cabinet with huge speakers, similar to our television set. My parents had a huge selection of music to choose from; including The Tijuana Brass and Music by Famous Composers. My favorite record was "The Partridge Family", especially David Cassidy. I wanted to marry David Cassidy when I grew up and had a huge crush on him. Recold players were great but could only play music in the room it was located in.
  • Push button phone

    Our family got a push button phone to replace our rotary phone. It was exciting for me as a little girl because I loved pushing buttons.
  • Transitor radion

    Transitor radion
    For my eleven birthday, I received a transitor radio. I was so excited to actually have a device that played music outside when I played or climbed trees. I was a bit of a tomboy and loved to climb to the top of the tree out in our yard. I would go to the highest branch I could and listen to my radio. I thought I was so cool!!
  • Camera

    My first camera used a plastic film canister that I dropped it. It was the 110 size. I thought I was so cool. I always forgot to develop the pictures though. We would take the canisters to a Fotomat who would develop them and return them to us in a week.
  • First Microwave

    Our first microwave was huge. It sat on the counter in the kitchen, taking up a ton of space. It was so weird at first to be able to warm food in it. We thought we were the Jetson ( a cartoon about the future that I watched as a child).
  • First Computer

    My husband brought home a new computer. It was huge. We thought we were so awesome to have one being newly married.
  • Hand held tape recorder

    When I blessed my first son, my father had a small tape recorder in his pocket. We thought this was so cool. My mother then transcribed what he said onto paper for my son's baby book.
  • Stereo System

    We saved out money to buy a nice stereo system. We actually still have it. There were many wires and huge speakers. It still works well.
  • first cellular phone

    Our first cellular phone was huge, like a brick. It had an antenna that we pulled out to hear more clearly.
  • First answering machine

  • First IPod

    When I received my first IPOD, I was so excited. I love classical music and really enjoy collecting my favorite pieces.
  • First lap top

    My husband's work gave him a lap to use. It was fun to be able to watch movies and be more mobile.
  • First digital camera

    My first digital camera was not that long ago. I really like how convient it is. I do not like that I lose the little sim cards. I need to remember to download and store the picture better.
  • Ipod docking station

    Last year we got a nice docking station for our main living room. It is so nice to be able to put my iphone on it and listen to Pandora or my itunes.