Technology Use Progression

  • Got my first Wii for Thanksgiving

    I got my first Wii for Thanksgiving. It was a Friendsgiving and that was my parent’s friend's gift to me and my brother. We were so happy and excited to be able to play games. The minute we opened it we started to set it up and immediately began to learn what we could do with it.
  • Got my First Nintendo DS

    I got my second electronic device which was a Nintendo DS. It was so cool to me because it was the first portable device I had ever owned. I took that thing everywhere and played games everywhere. I had that thing for about 4 years before getting my next device.
  • Got my first Xbox 360

    I got my first Xbox 360 which had much better graphics then both the Wii and DS. This device also had a much larger selection of games and abilities compared to the previous devices. I was super happy to have it because I was able to use my parents phone to text my cousins who also had an Xbox. So we would play online together after school.
  • Got my First iPod

    I got my next device which was an iPod. I used this mostly to listen to music. It had some apps but mainly just texting and music. This was helpful because I no longer needed my parents phone to get in touch with my cousins, instead I could just send them a message when I wanted to play online.
  • Got my First iPhone

    I got my first iPhone in 2014 for Christmas. This was awesome because I was able to play games, text, and call people from anywhere I was. I was so excited to get it all set up that I actually brought it around the houses and family excursions. All in all I’ve been using the iPhone ever since for just about everything everyday.