Technology in my life

  • Email

    Roughly 20 years after email was invented by Ray Tomlinson it started to become big with new email sites and better more efficent ways to send and recive them. this impacted my life because without email it would be hard to contact teachers and choaches and other people who i need to keep in touch with.
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  • Digatal answering machine

    the digital answering machine is important to me because it is an effiecent way to relay a message if you cannot contact a person directly.
  • Text Messaging

    Texting is a huge part of my life. without being able to text i would not communicate with my freinds as much as i do now.
  • (GPS)

    the gps was a major advancement in technology. it was first created in 1993. without my gps in my car i would have a lot of trouble getting from place to place whenever i dont know where im going.
  • Cellular phone

    Cellular phone
    My cell phone is a very imporntant part of my everyday life. Without my cell phone i would not be able to contact any friends or family while i am not with them.
  • Google

    Google is a very reliable search engine. Without Google i would have trouble searhing and looking up various things i need to know in my day to day life.
  • Toyaota prius

    Toyaota prius
    I do not own a prius myself but without it and many other hybrid cars the pollution in the world could be a lot worse than what it is now.
  • ipod origanal

    my ipod is a key part of my life and many others aswell. The ipod was a hit when it was realeased and still is today.
  • X box 360

    X box 360
    without my xbox i would be very bored alot of the time. the xbox was a huge hit throughout the mid 2000s and still is today.