Technological Influences in My Life

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    Span of Technology So Far...

  • Our Family's First Cordless Telephone

    Our Family's First Cordless Telephone
    No more pulling the phone off the wall by the cord now mom. You can talk and walk all you want around the house (within 20 feet of the base.)
  • First Taste of Gaming

    First Taste of Gaming
    Received my first game system. A Colecovision(1982) from my cousin with a Donkey Kong game.
  • Mother Bought First Computer (Macintosh)

    Mother Bought First Computer (Macintosh)
    This was the first computer our family ever owned. It ran very slow and had limited space and dial-up internet.
  • Gaming Gets Serious

    Gaming Gets Serious
    My first Nintendo NES system. Really was hooked on video games after this.
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    The mother of all game systems at that time. I saved up for almost 2 years to buy one brand new.
  • First Ever Family Laptop

    First Ever Family Laptop
    This was a much needed replacement for our old Macintosh which had crashed earlier that year.
  • First Digital Camera

    First Digital Camera
    This was the first digital camera our family ever had, and we still use it today.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    This was the first ever cell phone I ever owned and it was the coolest thing I had at the time.
  • My First i-Pod

    My First i-Pod
    This was my first exciting time to listen to as much music as I wanted to without a portable CD player.
  • My First Laptop

    My First Laptop
    My first ever personal computer. Gave me freedom, access to information at my will, and WINDOWS VISTA?! I bought it a little too soon...
  • My Voyager (Greatest Phone Ever)

    My Voyager (Greatest Phone Ever)
    This was, and still is considered by me to be the greatest phone ever made. It was also my first, and cheapest smart-phone.
  • The Downfall of Technology in my life...DROID

    The Downfall of Technology in my life...DROID
    This has been the worst piece of tehnology in my life so far. I believe it to be the owrst phone because of all it's glitches, terrible service, and battery life.