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  • Ellis Island

    Ellis Island
    A fresh start. My wife and I set off for a better life. Scotland was not a place to start a family. We needed money and the field work wasn't paying so we packed up and moved on to the next stage of our life.
  • New

    We've started new. New country, new state, new city, new jobs, and a new house. I've been offered a job for the meat packing indestry in Chicago. My wife has been offerd a job as a tailors assistnt. With our son we take the six o'clock train. We should be ariving early in the morning.
  • Bar fight

    Bar fight
    With my friend and co-worker David we went to a bar to get the day out of our heads. once we got there the slurs and bad mouths hit like a hammer. eventualy we both had enough i pulled a gun out and got shoved off my stoll then it got out of controll everyone started througing punches and bottles. The only thing going throug my head was "What have I done"
  • WWI

    World War One has arrived and we are deep in. most of my friends and colleages have been drafted. My wife is going in and out of panic I keep trying to convinc her everything will be fine. But her panic gets much worse anytime I tell her who gets drafted.
  • debt almost payed

    I've been in jail now for five years and soon i'll be set free. I've realy been wondering how my family is doing. I just wish I could see my son. I've got one more year to go be for i'm set free. It can't happen sooner.
  • Steeling a job

    After getting out of jail I gathered my family and went for Pittsburg. The meat packing was a horrid exspreance and my wife needs to get awy from that place. Andrew Carnigy is still looking for worker so i hope to find work there.