Socialization Map

  • Getting our puppy

    CHILDHOOD: My sisters and I were desperate for a puppy because everyone in our neighborhood (or seemed like it) had one. We still have this dog and we love her very much this had a short term effect but does have great memeories. Derived from neighborhood because it made us want a puppy even more
  • Diabetes

    CHILDHOOD: Getting diabetes when I was 10 made me much more mature and has had a long term affect on my personality. I am much more mature and I know it will effect my decsions now and in the future. This is most likely a socialization agent from family.
  • Breast Cancer

    The year was 2009 I'm unsure of an exact date. My mom got stage 2 breast cancer when I was in 7th grade. She was very lucky and caught it early however this was a huge year because I was old enough to realize she was very sick. I'm very used to my medical problems so it was strange to stand by and not be able to help. The media made the situation worse because you hear how horrible breast cancer is and makes you beleive every case is like that. When in reality it's not.
  • Middle School Graduation

    This was a big moment because ending middle school was huge. I was very comfortable with my peers and group of friends. This was a huge socialization agent from peers because you were all going in different directions and needed one another for support. It was a huge moment but doesn't effect me today.
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood

    For this unknown period of my life if I hope to gradualte college and get a real job. Obviously the workplace would be a socialization agent for that time. By this time my family, friends and probably media would be saying it's time to get married and have kids. I hope to accomplish most of these things by the end of my 20's.
  • Period: to

    Middle Years

    During this time I would love to finish up having children, and be able to buy me dream home for my family and I to live in. With the money I have hopefully saved it would be a great time to get some travel in!
  • Period: to

    Later Adulthood

    In these very far away years I would hope to see some of my children get married and around this time have some grandchildren. Retiremnt would be on the horizon and with that I'd hopefully get in some world travel