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  • Nov 15, 1509

    King Henry VIII

    Reign of King Henry VIII
  • Nov 8, 1512

    War in France

    War in France
    In 1512, the young king embarked on a war in France.
  • Nov 8, 1535

    Henry wants a son

    Henry Vlll wanted a male child but his wife had not given birth to a son. Henry wanted to divorce her and take a new wife. The Roman Catholic Church refused to grant the divorce. In order to gain his divorce, Henry had to establish the Church of England and end Catholicism.
  • Nov 8, 1555

    Slave Trade

    Slave Trade
    in 1555 with John Lok, England entered into the slave trade. but John Hawkins is often considered to be the pioneer of the British slave trade
  • King Charles the 1st

    King Charles the 1st
    Charles I was King of England, King of Scotland, and King of Ireland from 27 March 1625 until his execution in 1649.
  • Chrles and one religon

    Charles offended Puritans by upholding the rituals of the Anglican Church. In addition, in 1637, Charles tried to force the Presbyterian Scots to accept a version of
    the Anglican prayer book. He wanted both his kingdoms to follow one religion
  • Civil War!!

    Civil War!!
    The English Civil War was fought between the supporters of Parliament and those of King Charles I, they were known as Roundheads and Cavaliers respectively.
  • Parliment problems

    Parliment problems
    In 1642 the differences between Charles and Parliament over the issue of Absolutism became the spark for the English Civil War with neither side prepared to compromise.
  • Cromwell comes in

    Cromwell comes in
    Cromwell now held the reins of power. In 1649, he abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords. He established a commonwealth, a republican form of government.
  • Cromwell is a dictator

    In 1653, Cromwell sent home the remaining members of
    Parliament. Cromwell’s associate John Lambert drafted a constitution, the first written constitution of any modern European state. However, Cromwell eventually tore up the document and became a military dictator
  • Period:
    Nov 15, 1509
    Nov 7, 1547

    King Henry VIII

    This is how long king henry reigned
  • Period: to

    Civil war

    The english civil war lasted about nine years!
  • Period: to

    King Charles the 1st

    charles was beheaded for treason!