A personal Journey timeline

Timeline created by kailey402
  • First time in a parade

    First time in a parade
    My entire family at involved in either the firehouse or dispatching. When I was little is was more so the firehouse, I was there everyday and I was at every event. I was so excited to be in the parades and I could decide If I wanted to go in the firetruck or ambulance. I always adulterated with each parade
  • Being in the newspaper

    Being in the newspaper
    As I said earlier, I was pretty much at every firehouse related event. One time, there was no where for me to go and there was a Structure fire (AKA, a really big fire) so I had to wait across the street while my family took our the fire and one of the news men caught me playing in my moms EMT helmet and put it in the paper talking about the fire.
  • somehow cutting my eye

    somehow cutting my eye
    When I was around 9 years old I LOVED climbing trees. I don't know why I loved climbing trees because it never ended good for me but especially this one time. I was in y back yard attempting to climb a tee that was most definitely not a good tree to climb but, I tired it anyway. Once I started pulling on a very weak branch, it fell and a small piece of it fell into my eye and scratched my cornea. I was very confused and hurt and in the middle of July I put on my winter coat and go in the car.
  • Chased by a fox in the rain

    My Grandma lives in an apartment building and my cousin Alicia and I were having a pick-nick at house one summer so we had to go around two apartment buildings to go to a spot where there was grass to have it. We have all of our food out and ready to go and about a half hour later we see a fox creeping up on us. We grabbed as much of our grandmas stuff as we could and ran, on top of that, it started to rain. We were then chased all the way back to my grandmas by a fox, in the rain, with no shoes
  • My nephew

    My nephew
    My nephew Dexter and I, though he is only five years old, are extremely close. We pretty much do everything together and he is attached t the hip. Before Dexter, things at home, at school, life in genera was just bad, really bad. I felt alone, I was young and confused and didn't understand why things like that were happening at such a young age but then Dexter came along and all the bad stuff came second to me because of him, Till this day and him and I as best friends.
  • Partners in crime

    Partners in crime
    Everyone has their own relationship story. My relationship is just a little different from normal high school relationships. I've been with my boyfriend for two and a half years and I wish I could find the words to explain it. He's a transgender male and it means more then the world to me that I am able to help him grow, transition and love himself. There aren't enough words to tell our story but yes everyone has their loves, but mine (at least to me) is too magical to not add into my timeline
  • Joining Marching band

    Joining Marching band
    I used to be extremely shy and though I still am, I'm not hiding under desks, shy anymore. I joined marching band because I play percussion and all of my friends joined and pretty much forced me into it. But from joining marching band ive learned that its okay to make mistakes and that there are people who will help you (even if you're too stubborn to ask for it....) Its opened my mind up to so many things and although its "just marching band" it really helps people learn and grow.
  • Bye Bye brace face

    Bye Bye brace face
    Many people get braces and have to deal with the pain of having to go back to he orthodontist ever month and listen to them tell you everything you're doing wrong. But I was stuck with braces for almost four years. About a year and a half before I got my braces off my dentist would tell my parents and I "they will definitely come off next visit!" but no, for a year and a half every month I would go in and they would tell me "eehhh next time" they tortured me a year longer for my parents money
  • My angels in heaven

    My angels in heaven
    As everyone experiences death and everyone experiences death in their own way. I had my first real experiences this year. Mental illnesses are very common in my family, though none of them like to talk about it. Both of these deaths were my two cousins, one 30 and one 27. Both of them passed unfortunately young due to mental health. These losses were unfortunate but I hope that it opens some family members minds to mental illnesses and taught me things that I didn't even know I needed to learn.
  • Camping at Lake Taghkanic State Park

    Camping at Lake Taghkanic State Park
    Pretty much everyone goes camping but, this place isn't just camping to my family and I. This has been a tradition since my great grandfather. We like to go on big family trips. through the losses in my family and through good and bad years we always go back. We have now passed down the happiness of this place to my nephew and this place is more then just a campsite or a lake or a park.
  • A whole world apart

    A whole world apart
    My cousin Alicia and I are barely even cousins, we're sisters. We are nearly the same person. I was born four months after her and since then we haven't separated from each other. Until now, she enlisted into the Marines, she leaves for months and years at a time starting in July. Though it isn't bad, shes serving our country and I could never not support her. But, deep down it breaks my heart that I wont have her by my side like we have always been and that her safety is never granteed now.