scots epic story

By mcfeely
  • i was born for the first time!

    i was born  for the first time!
    The epic me was born
    the youngest of 8.
  • i learned to do stuff.....

    i learned to do stuff.....
    i lreaned to do all that boring stuff like walking and talking and riding a bike......
  • i moved for the first time!

    i moved for the first time!
    moved to fox river grove
    from a unknown place. creepy.......
  • ma first doggies

    ma first doggies
    I was playing halo 1(the only one out at the time) with my brother and his friends when my mother brought in a tiny little puppy I the room I named him Casmo becuase who doesnt like that name? Anyway hes still alive and i hope to see him this week at my fathers!
  • da puppy with the epic beard

    da puppy with the epic beard
    it was a cold winter day it was snow heavy and we where driving passed a car that happen went in to a stop sign. i asked where we were going my mom said its a secret so when we pulled up to the pet store i mom came back with a little baby schnauzer who had a epic beard. he was the younger of my two puppies . in 2010 he got cancer. later that
    week in 2010 he died. his name was henry when my brother would say gethim and henry would run after me. good times.....
  • somethin bad happen :(

    somethin bad happen :(
    i found a drink that looked like a slushie but it was a martini. i drank all of it then ran down stairs yelling "i hate u all" then i ran up stairs and fell asleep on the couch. i dont Remember any of it.
  • back in the day.......

    back in the day.......
    One of best times I had was when my brother was gone I went in the basement and played the new trillville and eat a whole 50 pack of air heads the fun ^_^
  • Dubuque meets me!

    Dubuque meets me!
    In 2007 I moved to Dubuque (after 3 years of searching)
    Then my life got boring 
  • them trees........

    them trees........
    my friend in 4th grade was standing next to a legde and he fell his pants got stuck on a tree lucky XD it riped his pants but I pulled him up
  • ma life gos on :)

    That’s where the story ends for now……..