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  • 4.4 Childhood Attachment Experiences

    When I was younger, about in middle school age, every time I tried to open with mom and I always get a lecture about being wrong or right or whatever. I even sometimes got in trouble for it so I developed the distant from mom about my feelings. After being distant with mom, I started to do the same with friends and others because I thought they would doubt me, just like mom. Of course, until I relearned how to open with others by how they presented themselves to me.
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    In 2014, I felt that I became an adult by age 18 chronologically, biologically, socially because it was when I went to college for the first time and I paid my own bills. But for psychological, I was far from being adult because didn't take anything serious as other adults would.
  • 7.2 Transitions

    When I went to college, That's when I learned to be independent and self-fulfillment so I learned a lot about the variety of religions and how they practiced it. In my house, my parents were very preaching about what's right and wrong choices and when I went to college, I started to analyze myself and inner spiritual about morals, regardless of which religions. And that's when I learned to meditate, I still struggle with it. I can see it's kinda benefits, it helps to see true within yourself.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event

    When one of my friends died, I had the anxiety of death and if not for social support, such as my friends, I would be lost. I had good relationships and kept in connection with friends so I know they are always there for me. Not only that, his friends knew me too so they check in with me too. It's social coping since I used the social to coping with death.
  • 2.3- My current healthy lifestyle

    Do you eat 2-4 servings of fruit each day? No Do you eat 3-5 servings of vegetables each day? Yes Do you refrain from eating junk food (fast food, soda, sweets)? No Do you get 150 minutes or more of exercise/physical activity each week? No Are you currently not smoking (or never smoked?) Yes Do you use alcohol moderately or not at all (no binge drinking, 1-2 drinks/night) No Do you use sunscreen consistently? No
  • 6.3-Intimacy

    In some videos, they shared some touching love story about their interviewers' life. Most of them met their loved ones at the workplace or some public places. And interesting about it was in their times, they tend to fall in each other much faster compared to younger people nowadays. I believe that it was because in their times, to have no partners or being isolation is a big NO NO while in our times, it's socially acceptable to be alone now. Also, we're avoiding intimacy and fearing commitment.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    Stage 4 of Individuative-Reflective: It's the age I'm at right now, examine the beliefs that I used to believe. And it would change everything because my family could be very traditional sometimes so now I think of outside the box, they might not like it. My values are different than my family's values or expect my values to be and it might affect me. For example, I probably would not go to church with them anymore and it would upset them.
  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    I find the test interesting but also true since it says I have dismissing-avoidant with mom and fearful-avoidant with my dad. The most secure relationship I have is with my partner. However, I think fearful-avoidant is applied to me the most because I tend to be in an ambivalent state of being afraid of being both too close to or too distant from others.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    To prolong life, the world would need to not have any pollution and radiation, which is making food healthier. With that food, humans would produce more antioxidant so they would reduce free radical and it would help humans to able to breathe freely and flush out the toxins.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    I got SER, (Social, Enterprising, and Realistic). I expected to get into my career by age 24 or at least 25 years old. I feel that it's possibly fit into the career that I wanted, psychology. And not only that, my SER have my skills, such as works on things, persuade people and sell things, solving social problems. Most of them are related to psychology careers.
  • 6.2 Super’s Stages

    By 25, I would be expected to constantly choose which field of work fit me, and go through a difficult time until finally settling down. I then would need to demonstrating job performance and getting along with one' colleague so I would reflect myself as successful and able to advance within my career.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    Marriage is the first thing that I think of a young adult lifestyle. You went from being a teenager to have a partner in a marriage, your lifestyle is different from teenage life because of move in together, paying bills, do not hang with friends much as they were young, they learned how to communicate in different ways from teens.
  • 6.4-Individualistic

    When they get more serious about their relationships, they value their relationships much more since they would be more focus on work, their own lives, etc... And they would experience something that causes the conflict between them and their partners so they would learn how to express their inner conflicts and personal paradoxes. Basically, their emotional dependencies might be their main concerns.
  • 4.2- Older Adult Role Transition

    Parenthood is a big factor in older adult lifestyle since it's norming for being that age and are expected to have a baby by that age. For example, I'm 23 and I'm expected to have a baby by 25 so I was also expected to have a partner by now so I can prepare for ener the parenthood.
  • 3.1 Working Memory

    I'd say past 50 years old, the working memory would decline so the performance would be decreased too. Since it's the ability to remember and use relevant information while in the middle of an activity such as read signs while driving, it would be more difficult for older people to do it as fast as they were young.
  • 3.2 Problem Solving.

    Same age. Problem-solving decrease with Crystallized and fluid intelligence because it required to solve new problems. Older people have a tendency to having difficulties​ to adapt new changes so they would struggle to make decisions about how to solve new problems.
  • 2.4- Potential consequences of my lifestyle

    With my current lifestyle with food and activity habits, It'll lead me to have the sedentary lifestyle in my older time since I do not eat much of fruits and vegetables and exercise as I should. However, I did eat a pretty good amount of vegetables, it should prevent me from being obesity and diabetes when I become older.
  • 2.2- Genetic Limits

    If humans could shorten hayflick limit then the telomeres would last much longer, which would reduce the aging, cancer, and risk of death. We might grow into older people but we would be still active and almost youth as we were in our 20s
  • 8.1 The End

    Saria Katarina Webb, 23 years old, from Irving, Texas, passed away on August 25, 2054. Her finals days was unexpected but her spirit would be always with the family and friends. She was passioned in being helpful to people and enjoying new things, especially from reading books. Her precious loved ones would be there for her, even when her life was taken too early, we accepted it.