quan family

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    my family rich in 1960

    my family start rich in 1960 my moer have ten companny sell car and house ,food. is so hard hard but she always controls every thing. my perent start with samll conpanny and then we grow up and have 5 companny. now we have tern company. in hanoi every konw gami group i . my mother is a two of big boss have alot of money in gami group. so i have many money to buy any want . iam so happy ness
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    my father was born in hanoi and he study in usa

    my father was born in ha noi in 960 so now he is 50 years old. my father is a good student. he study very well and she came to usa university. he live in usa ten years, his english is fantastic. he alway had good mark in test. he very like usa and he want leaves in usa forever..i so pround of he
  • my new house

    my new house is nice and biger than my old house. my new house have a big gara and have many trees and flower, is so nice my hosu have many room .i very like my house
  • my new car

    my mother by a new car for me becau my old car is not good. my new car is about 50 million dolar is not expensive but is comfortable. my new car is blue is very nice i really likie this. iam so happyness than every one to have a new car.
  • i hate math

    i hate math becau i dont know how to do mathe. then i have many one mark is not good. my teache sacre me becau i dont know any thing about mATHE..BUT NOW I STUDY ALOT ABOUT MATHE AND I WANT TO HAVE TO GOOD MARK
  • my birth day

    my birth day is very fun i have many toy and new clothes. we go to the restaurent and eat. oh my gosh is very cool we play many game and eat so much so i want is my next birth day is will be fun
  • my mother

    in my family my mother í the best because she always take care of me . if isick she realys worry and she go to the doctor about how to make me fell good.she is a bussness then sho world very hard but she always worry about me . i am so happy becau i have a fantastic mother. imust will be a best student so she very happy.i never make she crys because i love she so much . she teaches me every thing need to do and dont do and i listen to her and do good. i am so lucky to have goodmother

    I VERY LIKE ENG LISH BECAU ENG LISH IS A INTERNATION LANGUESE. IF I WANT GO TO USA I MUST STUDY HARD ENGLISH TO HEKP ME UNDERSTAND ABOUT WHAT THEY talk . ih home and shool i study english so hard. so my future is very good to learn in usa university
  • i love swimming

    i very like siwm ming becau simw hlep me taller and have good body.. i wlay play ball in siwming pool is very fun. so wlay i go to siwmming pool in summer
  • i like play base ball

    i love base ball becau is so fun and easy to learn . my bother ploay base ball is so well so he awkay teach me.
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    my mother

    i love my mother so much becau she always take care of me. she is a bussness and then she busy all day. but she always look me. she is a perfect woman. she can do many thing. i am so happy becau i have the best mother in the world.
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    my fitrst day at secondary shool

    my first day in hanoiacademy shool is so boring. becau i very sacre and i dont konw any one. my firts i dont talk to any one because they also dont want talk with me. sometimw i think i want go back my old shool because i have a lots of f firends. but i thik i must try and another day i will ok in this new shool hanoiacademy.
  • my horiible day

    on monday 29sep/2011 i hate this date becau i have many trouble. i hava many teriible mark and i go late. my mother .my team play foot ball is not good. some time i want to dead but i want life i change evey thing to be good
  • i want to be super man

    i want to be a good here because i want help many people. and make my city more beautiful and dont have bad guy
  • i love suju

    i like boy band k pop becau thay are so beautiful and cool. thay dance good and sing is good too.
  • my best firend

    my best firens is tung he is a good boy. he akway teach me how to a good person. some time i fell not good he alway tlak with me and make me fun. we are best firend foever.

    MY DOG IS WAS BORN USA . MY DOG IS VERY SMART if i say sit down my dog understand and do many thing i waNT. I WLAY BUY ALOT OF GOOD FOOD . BECAU MY DOG DONT LIKE BAD FOOD. OH MY DOG IS SO LOVELY
  • i like new laptop

    my laptop is alway lag then i want to buy some laptop good. my news lap top is so great go internest is fact and pklay game is fantastic.
  • my family holiday

    we go to da nang and live in a big hotel about five star. it so expensive to live here but we dont worry about money becau we have alot .in dang i see a beautiful beach and many gilr wear bikini is so hot.
  • my first day in gym club

    i very like gym then i buy ticket and go to gym in ciputra near my shcool. isee many but i dont knoe how to traing good to help a good body. so i s ask every one and they teach me how to have good body.
  • i like korea food

    i very like korea food becau is good and i alway to eat.some time i buy many korea food and my mother is she reallys like this.
  • i play football with my firens

    i like foot ball but i dont know how to play fooball. i always see my firends play but i cant play play becau i dont hava any skill about this. in home i akways wach tv and learn about pklay football and learn a litte skill. and then i play foot ball is so fun, my team lose becau of me but i sill like this.