Production Log for G321 Foundation Portfolio

  • Brief Completed

    This aided my learning by giving me a good starting point of planning my production.
  • Essay Completed

    This aided my learning and was very helpful as analysing other texts gave me good preparation for the start of my planning work.
  • Research of Real British Social Realist Texts Completed

    This was very helpful as other texts put me in good stead for the start of my media product.
  • Presentation on Distribution Research Completed

    This aided my learning by giving me a good insight about Institutions and what Distributors would distribute my film.
  • Period: to


  • Treatment of my Text Completed

    The treatment aided my learning by having a clear view of where I wanted my opening scene to go.
  • Script Completed

    I had never done a script before, so i started with some difficulties at first. However, I overcame this by recieving some help and subsequently learning how to do it to a high standard.
  • Storyboard Completed

    I had also never approached a storyboard before and had some trouble with this task too. Nevertheless, I took some extra time and completed this with enthusiasm.
  • Period: to

    Filmed the Main Product

    Over this period, I filmed the Artefact and learnt a lot more camera skills then I did from the Preliminary Task.
  • Period: to

    Edited the Main Construction

    Over these 3 days I editied my artefact. This aided my learning by teaching me how to edit on the Apple Macs.
  • Evaluation Completed

    On this date, the Evaluation was completed. This aided my learning by evaluating the pros and cons of my Foundation Portfolio.
  • Everything Due

    This was the date where every piece of work was due in for submission. This taught me time management and getting coursework in before the allocated deadline.