Pre confedration


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  • Apr 20, 1534

    Jaques Cartier arrives

    Jaques Cartier arrives
    In 1534 king Francis the first gave Cartier permission to sail west to seek a new trade route to asia and also gold and other riches. Cartier and his crew of 61 men set sail west in april 1534 and arrived on the western coast of newfoundland and the gulf of St.lawrence 20 days later. He also discovered what is now know as PEI. Cartier made a total of 3 voyages but the one he made in 1534 was his first voyage and his most successful voyage.
  • Fur Tade begins

    Fur Tade begins
    The fur trade was a business in which the Europeans traded with the indigenous for fur specifically Beaver pelts. this all started in 1601 in what is now modern day canada. With the fashion craze for Beaver felts clothing in Europe drove this business because there was a high demand for Beaver fur in Europe. the Fur trade is the biggest reason why the Europeans colonized canada and if they hadn't colonized canada they country as we know it today wouldn't be here.
  • New France

    New France
    New France was created during the era of european exploration. it was the area in north america the france had colonized in there early exploration of NA. New france was stretched from Gulf of St. Lawrence to Louisiana.During it days the economy and the livelihood of New france was the Fur trade. But the indigenous and the french had some conflicts because the french colony was on indigenous land. But this would soon end in 1763 New France was handed over to Britain through the Treaty of paris.
  • Great deportation

    Great deportation
    The Acadians had been living in Nova Scotia since 1604. They had small colony in Nova Scotia and grew independent minded. They felt secure in their homes even when their land was turned over to the British. the authorities persuaded the Acadians to sign an oath of Neutrality so if war broke between the british and french they wouldn't pick a side. when britain took back Fort Beauséjour and 270 acadian military in the fort they tried to force to sign an oath of loyalty to Britain.
  • Great Deportation (continued...)

    Great Deportation (continued...)
    When the Acadians refused to sign and oath of loyalty to britain Governor Charles Lawrence had them imprisoned and gave them an order of deportation and he had a strong support from his council members. After that they started capturing men and burning their crops and house. By the fall of 1755 about 1,100 Acadians were sent to the south. Many resisted order nd organized raids and some fled to the woods to New France. By 1763 about 10 000 Acadians had been deported and may died.
  • American revolution/ American war of independence

    American revolution/ American war of independence
    American Revolution, was when most of BNA colonies turned against britain to establish their own new country. Britain raised the colonie taxes saying it was to repay the crown for protecting them during wars but they didn't have a government . the people got mad and started a revolution. The people who were against the revolution were called loyalist.These loyalist lost their rights,property and were put in prison. many left with their their family and started a new life somewhere else.
  • The Industrial revolution

    The Industrial revolution
    The revolution was when rural agrarian societies turned in to large urban ones.So the revolution was a period of great change mostly in NA, Europe. There was a few changes in the 1700 but It mostly started in 1830 in Britain. Goods such as clothing that used to hand produced started being produced a lot by machines in factories.After that everything became easier and there was less human labor. the more efficient the machines the more money these factories in Britain made with less human labor.
  • Confederation

    Confederation was when Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,Quebec and Ontario joined to form the country of canada on july 1st 1867. it all started in 1864 political leaders from all over the colonies BNA who were later on know as the fathers of confederation started meeting in places like Charlottetown,Quebc city and london england to discuss and negotiate the terms of confederation. as a result of their work they BNA Act was created in 1867 which resulted in the creation of the canada we know today.