Personal Timeline

By hannia1
  • New home

    New home
    2 years ago i moved houses this event really effected me because the old house i lived in ive been living there since i was a little girl like i had alot of memerios there and when I moved to my new home it didnt feel the same.
  • Magnolia high school

    Magnolia high school
    When i moved to Magnolia high school i felt weird because like I didn't really know anyone because I transferred from GGUSD to Anaheim district and like also everything was different for example the math i never heard of math 3 before it was a hard math .
  • Rancho Alamitos high school

    Rancho Alamitos high school
    Back in 2015 I moved to RAHS this event changed my life because i really didn't know anyone and where my classes where it was like starting freshman year all over again except this time i was a sophomore.
  • when my dad passed away .

    This event really effected me because he was in jail since i was 3 years old n he came out when i was 16 this event changed me n bettered me to do better because thats all my dad wanted was to see me do good.
  • when i almost got stabbed

    This event taught me a lesson not to go to the river bed late at night alone .