Personal Identity - Emily Munoz

  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I was born in January 28th, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. I don't remember anything about this day but my parents have shown me pictures and told me stories. They told me it was a specially cold and very snowy night.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I started going to school when I was around two years old. Since I was very young, there are not a lot of details I remember. Still, there are some memories I have of making new friends and having fun on the playground.
  • Becoming an older sister

    Becoming an older sister
    On February 2009, my younger brother was born. This was a very unfamiliar experience to me because I don't have any other older siblings. I remember being annoyed because of my brother crying all the time but it was all worth it to have someone to spend time with.
  • First Big Trip

    First Big Trip
    One of the most memorable vacations I can think of was the first time I went to Disney. This was my first time going to an amusement park this big and I was more exited than ever. I was very young and it was a relatively short trip but I still made lots of amazing memories with my family.
  • Spelling Bee Contest (Knowledgeable)

    Spelling Bee Contest (Knowledgeable)
    When I was on my last year of preschool, I remember participating on the school's spelling bee contest. I was nervous but really excited, and I had been practicing the days before. But all the effort payed off and I won second place. This is evidence that I have been knowledgeable since the beginning of my education.
  • Piano Recital (Resilient)

    Piano Recital (Resilient)
    After receiving piano lessons for around 3 years, I was invited to participate in a very important event. I remember I had two compositions ready for that day and I practiced for the longest time ever. To be honest, playing the piano is something I did not completely enjoy but I still tired to be resilient, keep trying and doing my best.
  • First Day of Elementary School

    First Day of Elementary School
    After finishing all 5 years of preschool, it was time for me to start elementary school. I have more vivid memories of this day, and I remember how nervous I was. It was a completely different environment with new people, but in the end I managed to adapt and be happy and successful.
  • Spanish Dance Show (Dedicated)

    Spanish Dance Show (Dedicated)
    When I was in Second Grade, I participated in the Spanish Dance club at my school. After being dedicated all year, I made it into the show that was presented every year. It was a very different and impactful experience where I managed to have a lot of fun with my friends there.
  • Christmas at my grandparents' house

    Christmas at my grandparents' house
    I usually spend Christmas at my grandparents house. But most years its just my close family having dinner there. But there was this one year where they invited many other family members and I got to meet many people. And the best part is that I also got many gifts :)
  • My first pet (Responsible)

    My first pet (Responsible)
    One year for Christmas, I asked my parents for a hamster. They were unsure about it at first but then they agreed to get me one. The only condition was that I had to take good care of it. Since that day (until it died :() I took care of it and kept its cage clean.
  • Going to the beach

    Going to the beach
    One year during spring break I got to stay the whole week at my grandparents beach house, but the best part of it is that I got to invite my best friend at that time to go with me. We had a very fun time and made amazing memories.
  • Elementary school graduation

    Elementary school graduation
    The day I graduated from elementary school was very important to me. I was happy for finishing that chapter of my life but scared for what was to come. Fortunately I was still with all of my friends so it was a very nice experience .
  • Getting a pet

    Getting a pet
    I remember this day very vividly, I was out with my family when my parents told me we were going to get a new pet. I was very exited because I had never had a dog before in my life. Fortunately she is still alive but she had to stay back in Guatemala with my grandparents.
  • Trait - mature

    Trait - mature
    Around when I was 14, my younger brother was 10. At this time, my mom never allowed us to stay home alone, but because of her work, she decided to leave me in charge of both of us. For me this was a great challenge of maturity because I not only had to behave but also take care of my brother.
  • Trait - Generosity

    Trait - Generosity
    A couple of months before lockdown, one of my friends invited me to an activity her grandmother was organizing. The activity consisted of a food sale where all the money we got was donated to an asylum. We worked really hard and we were able to make even more money of what we expected.
  • Leaning a new language (Self-disciplined)

    Leaning a new language (Self-disciplined)
    I remember for my 15th birthday, my parents allowed me to chose somewhere to travel to. At that time I was really interested in Japanese culture so I chose Japan. But for our trip to be easier, I decided to practice Japanese by myself for one year before our trip.
  • My 15th birthday

    My 15th birthday
    Last year, I turned 15 years old. In my culture this is a very important date and should be celebrated with all of your family and friends. For me it was really an unforgettable experience where I was able to talk and spend time with many of my friends and family.
  • The Beginning of Remote Learning (Productive)

    The Beginning of Remote Learning (Productive)
    Remote learning was a very challenging time for me, not only I was very scared of coronavirus but I also had to adapt to a new way of learning. I had a lot of distractions at home but I still did my best and turned every assignments on time.
  • Moving to Chicago (Adaptable)

    Moving to Chicago (Adaptable)
    Last year was a year of a lot of changes for me. Like everyone else, my life was greatly impacted by coronavirus, but also I moved to a completely different country. Despite being born here, I lived all my life in Guatemala. Living here was a completely different experience but I tried my best to adapt to this new lifestyle.
  • Caring with the cat (caring)

    Caring with the cat (caring)
    This fall, my aunt had to lave her cat at my house for a business trip. I offered to take care of him while she's gone. He suffers from asthma and other breathing problems so I had to be extra careful with him. I made sure to give him his medications every day and make sure he did not felt lonely.