• 4.4 Childhood Attachment Experiences

    I will have to say I was about 11 years old at that time when I realize that my attachment style started with my mom and aunt who raised me. My mom is a single mom. My aunt helped my mom raising me so that she could work to earn money. The love shared contibuted greatly in my current relationship with my wife. I feel safe with them as I do with my wife. I relied on them as a child and I still do today with my wife as well as my mom. Nobdoy can replace the love they had for me. I'm not worried.
  • 7.2 Transition

    2005 is the year I experienced several severe crises in my lifetime that I faced changes that take place over my adulthood. Indeed, Fowler stages between individuative-refective and conjunctive faith is where I struggle to survive during my early adulthood. It vaies from leaving home, attending college, filed bankrupted, and the onset of issues that yet has been resolved today.The transitation wasn't expected espcially with my family and myself because of my unncessary behavior which changednow
  • 1.1 The Beginning

    I started to realize I'm an adult shortly after I moved to Aurora, IL (45 minutes from Chicago) from California due to new life and better education. The new life were needed to ensure that I will improve my quaility of life because I weren't doing well. The change in my life made the person I am today. I learned that I now have to take things more seriously in my life when I didn't while living in California when I used to be careless about my life. This experience made me an adult.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event

    The change in residence impacted my life greatly understanding better about the life itself. The move from state to state for a better life were very stressful due to social coping into the new enviornment as well as acquiring the surrounding. The new life stresses the major points of my life such as redirecting my direction with God (religious), acceptance of my wrongdoing, and focus on my future rather than listening to people other than myself. The change made me a better person today.
  • 2.1 Oxidative Damage

    I seeked for anew life in Aurora, IL due to enviornmental damage of distractions and healthwise. Los Angeles city is filled with air pollution and took toll on my health. Also, I changed my eating habit by increasing the amount intake of antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) as well as reducing fats. I am confident the changes will extend my life to 10 years or more.
  • 2.2 Genetic Limits

    I discovered a new tread in my genetic after learning that doctor identified a tumor inside me. Basically, the tumor is to be found in almost every women in my family. The tumor is typically seen in women during their 30s. I realize it is one of the genetic seen in women among my family members. The telomere length are shown to be equivalent to women with breast cancer.
  • 2.3 My current healthy lifestyle

    Recently, I am at guility after completing the survey on healthy lifestyle. I struggle to eat healither however I am working on it. I eat awful while living with my family however eats way better with my fiancee. I need to increase my vegetable intake. I need to exercise on daily basis because I promised my doctor that I would try to lose weight to improve my test result of pre diabete. I need at least two points to be free from diabete. According to the doctor, I am obesity of BMI 40.
  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    I learned that I am secured in both of my relationship anxiety and avoidance. According to the attachment-related survey. I scored 3.40 in anxiety and 1.40 in avoidance. It is the truth. I feel too comfortable with my partner that I am able to express my feeling, thoughts, and emotion. I am not worried about the possiblity because I know she love me so much as I do with her. I know I will never be alone. I know I can relies on her for anything I might need help with such as a loss of dear one.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    I find myself right in the middle between individuative reflective faith and conjunctive faith after years and years of development in faith. I have experienced several severe crises throughout my adulthood years to the fact I continue to learn about what life is really all about. Currently, I am keeping the faith I have to pursue the awareness of my own belief as well as others to understand the reality from everyone’s perspectives including my own.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    I hope to start a family in 2012 after getting married in summer 2013. My wife plan to get herself pregnant through donor. Therefore, as a mother I know I will face challenges and improve the quaility of life such as budgeting better. The social role as a mother is to expected myself involved in this child's life whether if I like it or not. I admit I do have some bad habits but the challenge of raising a kid will assist me in understand better about the importance in life.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    I expect to start my career in 2016 ensuring that I will help Latino/a people. RIASEC confirmed the type which is to be known as social. I want to help building up support system for deaf immigrant people. I agree with RIASEC because it truly fits my characteristic and personaility. Therefore, I am comfortable with the result provided.
  • 6.4 Conscientious

    The development of egoism are likely to start in my late 30s after settling in with my life. The wisdom from one of the classmate's history life vide had me thinking about stages in my life that I will start making my own decision and perspective differently from what I am told to see. I will be able to view my life as a whole by this age after learning more about myself. The experience I have will assist me in shaping my future permanently with all widsoms and characteristics learned/devloped
  • 3.2 Working Memory

    The knowledge of language is one of my weakness and by age 40, I am likely to decline greatly in the ability to find the word I wanted to use. The information is stored semantically in my head and I know I will fail to remember. I can imgaine tthe severely of obstacles through few IADLs such as shopping, handling finances, and/or any common daily skills due to failure to memory important information. The declarative memory condition is a long term which often links to age.
  • 4.2 Older Adult Role Transition

    Ideally, I will be nearly 50 at this type of transition that I will experience several obstacles of losing my close family members. I cannot bear to think about it right now. The children I raise and wife will be with me through this difficult time. The biological clock assists in adult role transtition. Also, I will help my children with their education expenses.
  • 2.4 Potential consequences of my lifestyle

    In 2035, I am likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease due to my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. Right now, I am trying the hardest to prevent the bad habits I grew with by adjusting my diet and stay active. I am hoping to be more committed to the new habits my fiancee taught me and that my lifestyle will be healthier in next 20 years. Yes, I'm almost 30.
  • 6.3 Generativity

    I might will be 60 years old to learn that I will be expecting my first grand kid from one of my children. The care from one of the classmate life history story impacted me in many different ways relazing that we all age to the point that we started taking care of the next generations after being satfisied with my own life. I am feeling exactly the same with this grandmother whom apparently to be very happy with her life all these years of being successful. (Generativity vs Self A & Stagnation)
  • 3.1 Problem Solving

    I will be likely to decline in the ability to remember people's name without recongizin their faces. it is the internal memory aid that requires me to look at the picture of their faces or the actual face to face meeting to ensure that the name will be retrived. One of IADLs that I might struggle would be the conversation with a person through e-mail. The association between face to name can be easily acquired once remembered using the aid of imagery-based stragety to encode the name.
  • 8.1 The End

    Paola L. Martell, age 95, passed away on Saturday, May 9, 2080. She was born to late Maria Martell and Gilbert Guerrero on February 9, 1985. Paola attended several grammar schools in California and graduated with high school diploma. She also graduated from Gallaudet University with MA in International Development. She worked and retired from her private business working with Latino immigrant. Paola is survived by her wife, Brandi Ten Eyck-Martell, her six children, 14 grandkids, and 3 GGkids.