• 2.2 Niche Picking

    I drew occasionally at a young age, but around six, my aunt showed me her artworks and they were realistic and beautiful. I was mesmerized and actively felt this was something I could be good at. I chose to practice and seek out materials to use with in my works. My aunts on both side are artists and so that might have been in the genes for me to naturally have some skills from within as well putting in time to improve my talent.
  • 1.1 Entering Adolescence

    Around thirteen, as matched with other average children becoming adolescents in the textbook, I started to think in an abstract way, questioning more things than before about my gender and sexuality. At this age, I had the desire to spend more time with my friends so I stayed at dorm after school in order to stay away from home. Although, the ways I think and function were akin to most adolescents around thirteen, my biological changes were not same, delayed for a while longer.
  • 4.1 Gender Intensification

    Gender intensification influenced by psychological and behavioral differences that is amplified during adolescence is caused by various of things like socialization pressure of parents, peers, and friends based on their gender and how they should act according to the gender they are. I didn't have this experience because I am trans, but I did have a sense of pressure to fit in with boys, to be masculine as a stereotypical boy should be because of external influences on me.
  • 6.1 Parent-Adolescent Conflict

    I really don't want to talk about my family so I'm doing The Incredibles. Violet is interested in a boy, in her middle adolescence period and would want to go out, but her father is overcontrolling and has high expectations. This caused a clash between those two, because Violet wanted boundaries and her father would snoop, crossing the space for privacy. His parenting style is authoritarian, which is not the best as it easily can cause conflict often and the teenagers would rebel.
  • 3.1 Social Cognition

    At fourteen, I told the story of me being ran over under a SUV at ten, which is a story unheard of to many, which makes me feel I was unique in this experience. I had "adolescent egocentrism" thinking that they were interested in my stories much more than their own. My personal fable made me think abstract about what happened, increased my metacognition of how I thought about the incident. It's a good example because it showed how I thought I was unique and invulnerable to harm.
  • 3.2 Social Comparison

    I am shorter than everyone on the basketball team and that makes me more self-conscious about my height. I also play on boys basketball team, which contradict with my true self as someone who is not a boy. My self-esteem was awful and I kept perceiving myself as an awful false version, because I compared with other players who were faster and more confident in their gender, meanwhile I was far off in darkness, feeling lost and absent in mine.
  • 2.1 Maturational Timing

    I am a late bloomer, because I had some problems with my thyroid gland and the interaction with pituitary gland which made me shorter than all my peers when most of them first went through puberty and grew some more at a faster rate. The maturation of my sexual primary characteristics came very late and it was a little hard for me, not only because I had a delay in my maturation, but because I didn't feel aligned to my sex. This contributed to a lot of my confusion and body dysphoria.
  • 1.2 Emerging Adulthood

    I felt I emerged into early adulthood when I had more responsibilities, and a job as I started university. I was also away from home, which meant I was more independent and on my own to do things as an adult. I had this sense where I felt anything was possible, as other emerging adults felt, mentioned in the textbook.
  • 3.3 Self Protection

    When a friend asked for clarification on my sexuality, he said you're straight, right? That "right" fucked with me and I said of course. Of course?? I did this to protect myself, especially because I had low self-esteem about my sexuality. I hated myself, and the constant self criticism I had merged with my depression, amplifying each other in spirals. I thought I was protecting myself, but really what I was doing is harming my true identity, attempting to be someone else I was not.