New Technology Experiences

  • He-Man and She-Ra Recording

    My brother and I would "record" episodes of He-man with our Fisher Price tape player microphone. We thought we were soooooo cool!
  • "We" Got our own phone line w/ a cordless phone.

    My sister took over "our" phone line. I don't thing we saw her for years.
  • Dad saved the day with his mobile phone.

  • Thermal T-Shirts- All the cool kids had them (Once again-me not cool)

  • Pagers- All the cool kids had them! (I apparently was not cool)

  • AOL- Need I say more? If my parents had known...

  • Dial Up- I thought none of my college friends wanted to hang out.

    ....come to find out, my roomate was online all the time and none of my phone calls were getting through-busy signal.
  • I got a pager so my daycare could reach me if something happened while I was at school.

    "Where are the payphones"?
  • My first cell phone

    How did parents ever live without these?
  • Broken cell phone- I don't need a cell phone.

    My son's father rolled his car with my baby in it and noone could get ahold of me because I was waiting for him at our meeting place. I'll never go without a cell again!!!!!!!!
  • My first Lap Top

    I got a laptop for a graduation present. It was amazing!