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  • Birthday

    This is the day I was born. I was born in the morning. Without this day in my life, I wouldn't be here.
  • Pageant

    I won a pageant when I was little and it taught me how to get in front of a lot of random people and shine
  • Pastor's Daughter

    I am a pastor's daughter. When my dad was asked to be the acting pastor of the church, I was praying so hard that he wouldn't become pastor so that I could stay with my friends at my old church and me and my family could continue traveling all the time. We went somewhere for the weekend, like every other weekend. Now that my dad is the pastor, I've learned great responsibility and I gained my best friend there.
  • Speech

    I made a big motivational speech in front of a church of about 120 people once and I was so nervous, but I kept telling myself that I would be okay and at the end of my speech, everyone would stand up and clap for me and that's exactly what happened. It taught me how to get up in front of people and do my thing even if I'm really nervous.
  • High School

    When I first came to high school, I thought I was going to get lost all the time and people were going to push the freshmen around. It's not like that, I got to all my classes easily and no one bothers me. I've matured while I've been in high school and learned how to get things done when I need to