My Personal and Worldy timeline

  • Me Being Born

    Me Being Born
    This is the beginning of my life. After 36 hours of labour i finally came into the world. I was not very well and spent 5 days in the special baby unit. My Grandad once said, You are who you are when your born.
  • Period: to

    my personal and worldly events

  • burnt my foot bad

    burnt my foot bad
    When i was only 2 yrs old i saw my mom ironing and i started a idea about that i could iron my own clothes because i was big boy now and it is very easy because i didn't know that it was very hot and all i had to do was bring it back and forward and is very easy. when my mom when't outside i plugged in the iron and i started jumping over it and then i jumped to low and burnt my foot and my mom heard the screams and she ran in side and my foot was the colour of a apple
  • World Trade Center destroyed

    World Trade Center destroyed
    3 747 planes were hijacked and flown into the world trade center and one flew into the pentergon, but the the worst out come was in WTC and one flew in to the top trapping people and 1 flew in to the bootom of the 2nd tower and 1 flew into the botom of the 1st tower. When the first plane hit the tower people thought that maybe the pilot died of a stoke, but when the 2nd flew into the top people knew this was terrisom.
  • Saxon is born

    Saxon is born
    My brother was born and i was not the only kid. when he was born i was overwhelmed because i was not only noise maker in the family. my parents promised me one thing, i wont have to change his diaper, well at least not yet when he was born my mom told me that i would have to help with the cleaning more oftern but it's better then diapers
  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein
    killed many of his own people and startedn a mass genocide which many people died and murderd many people that were innocent. one attemp on his life was maddde on his life but it failed and Saddam murderd ther man who tried to kill him Saddam was hung in Iraq and now pepole are happer
  • Monster squid found

    Monster squid found
    This Monster squid was found in japan and this squid was 20 feet longand had a special defense mechanism and the same for attacking but the thing that is amazing about this book is that when the squid attacks it use's this flourecnt light which stun the prey which then eats the food and dissapers back to its cave which is 1,200 feet down in a coral cave.
  • Coming to Canada

    Coming to Canada
    moving from england to canada was a big change because now i was the british kid in the class but everybody loved my accent but sometimes people woulde wonder what i said and they would just be like What!!! did you say because nobody could understand me but even now peopel have a trouble understand me
  • Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson
    micheal jackson dies of a heart attack and this had a lasting impact on me micheal jackson was my most favorite singer ever and i was so sad that he died. When he did die alot of people were happy because of the rumers about him but even in there happiness there was also saddness because he was the greatest singer ever
  • Coming to TCS

    Coming to TCS
    i went to the school that alot of people were talking about and when i heard that i was going to tcs i was overwhelmed because when i first came here i thought that the school was only 50 yrs. Spme of the things i have learnt here are amazing like the school burning down and being a whole school before canada was a whole county. Coming to this schol has been a pleasure but the mosyt amzing things is that the teachers rock just like Mr.Wilson