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My Life Timeline

  • I was born

    My mother was 16 years old, I remember my grandma taking care of me a lot when I was little. I am not that close to my mother.
  • Mom meets stepdad

    I was about 3 years old, I am unsure of the exact date. He was only 15 years old my mom was about 20 years old
  • Brother was born

    Brother was born
    21 year old Mom has baby with 16 year old step-dad. Feeling unaccepted by his family. They looked at me and treated me differently.I felt left out a lot.
  • Met Best Friend Angie Bobby Duque

    Met Best Friend Angie Bobby Duque
    We met after Halloween. After meeting her family I noticed what a "healthy" family should function. Her mother cared about nutrition and was actually playing with us. It was a family I never had. Sisters I never had.
  • Moms fling molests me

    Not sure exact date. I tried to tell her to stop talking to him she never cared to ask why or figure out what the problem was. She told people I was being to needy and just wanted her to give me all of her attention. I began to resent my mother, I knew I couldn't count on her.
  • Living without electricity for 3-4 months

    I was maybe in 3rd or 4th grade when we lived without electricity. My teachers could tell something was wrong and kept asking if I was okay but I was so embarrassed to say anything. I don't remember learning anything at school. I was so stressed out as a child. I hated going home and I was embarrassed for kids to know my parents couldn't affort the basics.
  • Asked mom if I could be put up for adoption

    I was feeling so alone as a child, I felt like I didn't belong in this family. I was being ignored, they didn't like doing the same things as I did, no one spent time with me, took me to the library or even had the same mindset as me. I was so focused on school and getting my life together, my family was worried about drinking and partying while the kids played together. I didn't feel loved and I was willing to take the chance to get it somewhere els.
  • Brother Sebastian born

    Brother Sebastian born
    I was really close to my little brother, I helped him learn how to walk. I felt like he was mine, I took care of him a lot and taught him a lot of stuff when he was growning up.
  • Searched for biological father

    He seemed like he didn't want anything to do with me, he was in a rush to leave. Said he would call but never did. I felt like there was something wrong with me because he never called. I thought it might have been my moms fault that he didn't want to come around. I felt uncared for.
  • Step Dad starts molesting me

    I was in 6th grade when it started. At first I thought I was just thinking wrong. Then it happened again and I knew this wasn't right. I felt discusted with myself and my body. I began to see sex as "just sex" I didn't value my body and/or who I gave it to I made it seem like I was doing it for my own pleasure. When really I was trying to fill a void. I was taken advantage of. My innocence stolen and my morals corrupt. I didn't like myself and was embarrassed of my body.
  • Period: to

    Step Dad starts molesting me

    Was too scared to say anything. Felt it was my fault even more every day I let it continue so I got even more scared since I kept waiting.
  • Met best friend SAM LORD

    Met best friend SAM LORD
    Helped a lot to stay somewhere other than home. Sam was another escape. She introduced me to sports and we became lifelong friends. I had someone to share my love for education, she pushed me to believe in myself and capabilities, she helped me build confidence despite the horrible things I had went through.
  • Began playing sports

    To stay away from home longer. It gave me a drive, a way to take out my frustrations and be awarded. I played to be the best because I wanted to feel happy and proud of myself. I wanted to be aknowledged and appreciated for my hard work. I made sports my main focus and it also helped with my academics by ensuring I had good grades to play each week.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    No party, It felt like a regular day. I kept feeling unnapreciated, I hated that my family could not appreciate all that I have done. I kept detaching myself from them. Feeling more and more alone. I found my own goals to set for myself.
  • Stood up to dad about molesting me

    Decided to try to forgive, kept it all to myself. I was tired, I got confident enough to tell him that I knew what he was doing was wrong, I wanted a father figure in my life so bad I trained myself to believe I was halucinating it all. I saw men differently, I felt uncomfortable around men if I didn't feel covered enough. My confidence went down. But I felt empowered because I stood up to him. I also felt exposed and it took ahold of me, no matter what I felt like EVERYBODY I looked at knew.
  • Won $ for winning letter

    Wrote winning letter for adopt a team program and got sponsored by the Mercury basketball team. It felt amazing to be recognized for my writting because it was my heart that spoke throught the letter. Winning money for our team and being recognized gave me a huge boost in my confidence. Enabling me to appreciate my writting ability
  • 3rd in state for track

    10th grade . Feeling bad because I didn't get first. Coach Edlson made me realize I was still a winner, " A lot of other people wish they got 3rd , you should be happy" He said. And he was so right. I was able to accept it instead of beating myself up for not getting first. Now I know perfection is what i strive for but can cope if it is not so.
  • Mom accuses me of having relationshiop with Step-dad

    Feeling alone, hating mother. I felt betrayed like I was in a competition. She wanted to be on top even if she was wrong. I felt like we were not related. My mom should be on my side not his. If anyone is to be accused it should be the grown man. I have even more trust issues.
  • Find out mom lied about who real dad was

    The man I went to look for, the man she was constantly talking down about was not even my father and she still hasn't told me. She just said, I told him to leave you alone. I realized my mom has too much pride. She is selfish enough to keep vital information from me to maintain her "perfect" image she believes she has. I now know I can NEVER believe my mom.
  • Slept in my car

    Wanted to be emancipated, anxiety and depression took hold of me, I felt lost and alone. Mom wants a lie detector test to prove that I am not lying . I hate my mom do not want anything to do with her. Hate that she won't believe and is doubting what I say. School was the lease of my worries. Took a break from basketball becasue emotional toll was too much to bare. I couldn't keep my mind clear.
  • High School Graduation

    No party or celebration. I am the first to graduate high school in my family. Feeling unnappreciated, lost and alone. I now know nobody in my family understands the importance of school. I felt my work was taken for granted.
  • 1st year of college

    Stayed in dorms first semester, try talking to step dad and forgive him I really wanted a father figure in my life. Someone to say how was school today? Do you like your classes? Or even tell me what you learned about. I wanted normal parent -child conversations and love
  • 2year college

    Step dad secretly marries 20year old. I completely shut him out of my life, NO MORE 2nd chances for anyone. This is how I am repaid. Men are discusting predators. Cannot trust anyone to change in my family, possibly the world.
  • Mom has lupus scare

    went back home to help mom. Feeling bad that I hate my mom when she needs me most. Trying to forgive and help as much as possible. Give in to unconditional love I have for my mother, realize she was young when she had me and making steps to learn to forgive others for myself and own health.
  • Pregnant on Birth Control

    Working and going to school, I find out I am pregnant by my high school sweet heart right after I decide he doesn't deserve me and I am going to move on with my life. I felt stuck. I wanted it all to be a dream.
  • Babys Dad tells me kill myself and baby

    feeling Confused, lost and helpless. I almost did it but a second later I got a wake up call of confidence and independence. I thought! FUCK EVERYBODY! I will NO LONGER let other people control my emotions, actions, or feelings. I KNOW who I AM and what I need to do. Every one has let me down and left me alone. I will be the mother I never had, the best friend that helped me survive this journey and the support that I need. I have the power to be happy and successful for me and my baby!
  • Daughter Elani born XMAS morning

    Daughter Elani born XMAS morning
    Changed my life and thought process forever. I will do anything to ensure she has everything she needs to be successful. I will be a confident, educated and strong role model for my daughter and lead by example. I will always put her and her needs first and let her know when she is doing good and when her behavior is unnaceptable with love and support in everything. She made me want to be a better person. She made me want to live life.
  • NO job no $$

    My job screwed my over and didn't hire me back on after maternity leave. I felt betrayed, stuck, pathetic. I felt like I was failing as a parent, I couldn't even buy diapers if I needed to. I began the hunt for a path to better life. Don't give up until i find a job.
  • Cousins come down from Mexico

    Help me find a job. I feel happy I have help. My life is slowly coming together There is hope and good people exist and must be given a chance. If you need help don't be afraid to ask.
  • Baby has her own room

    Found an apt wih cousin and settled down to start life with new family. There is hope for a better future for my daughter. Everything takes time and everything we go through is in preparation for your future. Life is a test, if you survive the struggle and believe in yourself, anything is possible with time.
  • Back to school ITEACH AZ

    Back in school to finish degree and begin teaching!! I am greatful for the councelors for keeping in touch with me. I am feeling confident, professional and ready to start my career. I see children as a priority in every way shape and form. Everything influences and impacted children, at ALL level. It is important to understand the childs home environment and mental health are vital if you want them to focus at school and retain the information taught.