My life so far

  • Date of birth

    I was born on August 8th 1999 on Sunday afternoon around 6 pm. I was born at a birth center in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Disneyland

    This is a memory that I will never forget. My father really wanted me to go on Thunderroad mountain at Disneyland in California, I was so scared but decided to be brave and try it. Big mistake! The whole time I was crying and screaming because it was too fast and scary for me, and until this day I refuse to go on it. I believe that this is what caused my fear of rollercoasters.
  • New house

    This was the day when we moved into the house I live in now. We have had so many amazing memories that I will always treasure forever. Like when I finally got my own room.
  • Best Friend Forever

    This was the day that I met my best friend Hailey, we have been good friends since and will continue to be friends forever
  • Sister get's married

    This was the day when my beautiful older sister became a wife. I was so happy and sad for her. I was sad because I realized that she wasn't going to live with us anymore, that she was going to move into her new house. She got married very young, 19 years old and I was only 10 years old at the time. Her and I are not very close, but thankfully I still see her once in awhile and get to spend some time with her.
  • First day of High School

    This was my first day of High School. (At this time I hadn't started at Primavera) All the older kids were super tall and scary, and my teachers were very mean. I was so nervous and scared. I got lost at least 7 times on the big campus.
  • Susana

    This was the day when I met my other best friend Susana. We text each other every day. She is always at my house and I'm always at hers.
  • Heart Problem

    This day my brother and I were home alone because both of my parents had to work. I was feeling very nauseous and had a very bad headache. An hour later I felt very nauseous again, as I was walking to the restroom I fainted. My brother found me and called our dad to come home. When he came home, we rushed to the hospital they ran a few tests and gave me medicine. They found out that the main vessel that gets blood to my heart collapsed, to fix it I need to drink lots of water and exercise.
  • Primavera

    This was the day that I began attending Primavera Highschool. I liked it a lot, I enjoyed my teachers and my classes. It made my life extremely easier.