My Life So Far

By kalombe
  • Birth

    I was born in africa in nirobe-kana. My mom had me when she was 16 years old. Aftear a few day after I was let out of the hopital my real dad left me and my mom. He went of the find a knew girlfriend. So I was with my grandma the hole time I was 1 yearold to a 3 year old.
  • First Birthday

    On my first birthday me and my grand a celibrated it to gether. Will my mom was asleep in the middle of the morning. Because she stade up at night with her friends. It was ok if my mom did not celibrate with me.
  • First Scary Movie

    When I was 3 years old my mom and dad left me with some baibesiters that were undere 18. the went with there mom to the movie theater. The mom left them with some oher kide that were the same age as them or 1 year older. They told there mom that they were going to a nice and apopiate movie for kids my age. Instead of ging to a apopiate move for kids my age they snuck me into a move called cansa masicure. I think the movie is raded R.
  • Trareled

    I traviled when I was 3 years old. I went to amarica with my mom and my step dad. I am glade my step dad tuck me away frome that place I was born because a lotof peaple smock and do allkind of thing. All kinds of peaple are becoming very ill.
  • First Time Going To School

    On my first day i american heritagae scool.I was not scared at all.Actaley I was excited meating new peaple. Most of the time I was proble playing with some blockes or something like that. To tell the truth that I hade no clue wat they said or what eany one said to me because I did not speak that much english.
  • Going To Disnyworld

    I went to disniyworld by car. I went with my mom nd her boyfrieand. We got to stay in a nice hotele in america. I liked all of the rides there. They were a lot of fun.