My LIfe So Far

Timeline created by fidgetmaddog
  • My brother was born

    My brother was born
    1989 my brother was born in seattle he is three years older than me
  • First birth day

    First birth day
    My first birth day hope i get lucky
  • colliding planes

    colliding planes
    On April 1st 2001 a Chinese F-8 jet intercepted a US EP-3E Spy plane off the Chinese coast in international waters over the South China Sea. The F-8 collided with the US plane. The F-8's pilot was killed while the US plane was forced to make a crash landing in China. The US crew attempted to destroy all of the top secret equipment aboard the plane but there was not enough time. The Chinese held the 24 member US crew for 11 days.
  • The day i was born

    The day i was born
    the date i was born in june 15 2001 a i was born in denver colorado
  • twin towers crashed

    twin towers crashed
    on 2001 sep 11 the twin towers crashed it such a sad day my parents still have the newspaper of when it happend and a saw the pictures and it looked preety bad
  • Zoo

    When i was little i loved going to the zoo. When ever i saw something i like i would go like ho ho
  • funny things

    funny things
    When i was really little when my mom went up to take a shower i would go into the firdge and take out all the eggs and line them up in a row. Then when my mom came down she would always go like no Maddox dont do that and then i would through all the eggs.
  • Lego Land

    Lego Land
    i loved lego land. I was preety young here. I can still remember times when I was there.
  • punpkinpatch

    This is a picture of me laughing in a pumpkinpatch. I was only like one or something. But sokmething must have made me laugh
  • Trips

    When i was three i went on a plane ride to mexico. I dont remember anything about it but my dad said i went.
  • Moving To Thailand

    Moving To Thailand
    In 2003 i moved to thailand
  • terrorist

    On March 11th 2004 a series of coordinated terrorist attacks took place aimed at the Madrid commuter train system. The attacks killed a total of 192 people and wounded 2,050. An Islamic group loosely affiliated with Al Qaida perpetrated the attacks
  • fire

    a fire caused by candles in a Paris hotel, whose rooms were rented as temporary housing, killed 24 people of which 10 were children
  • hurricane

    On Monday August 29th 2005 hurricane Katrina a strong category four storm struck the Gulf Coast near the mouth of the Mississippi River. The storm brought widespread devestation to the Gulf Coast where it struck, flattening town and destroying much of what was in its path. 48 hours before the hurricane hit the mayor of New Orleans ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city. The hurricane did not make a direct hit on New Orleans and initially there was a sigh of relief that the city had been spar
  • First fight

    First fight
    My first fight was with my brother sad to say i lost but i will get my revenge
  • Dog

    just got a dog best thing that ever happend to me named her fidget.
  • sad moment

    sad moment
    fifteen people are shot and killed at Albertville Technical High School in southwestern Germany by a 17-year-old boy who graduated from the school a year earlier
  • Jiverly Wong kills 13 people

    Jiverly Wong kills 13 people
    April 3, New York, U.S.: Jiverly Wong kills 13 people in an immigration center in Binghamton, NY before turning the gun on himself. Most of his victims were imigrants taking an English class
  • disapearing plane

    disapearing plane
    Air France Airbus A330 disappears somewhere off the northeast coast of Brazil with 228 passengers on board, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. No mayday signals were sent before crashing
  • 8th birthday

    8th birthday
    On my 8th birth day i got a psp awesome still works i loved it and still do.
  • dream world

    dream world
    First time i went to dream world was with my best friend. And we had a blast when went on buper cars like a million times. We did go on some of the rollercosters but some of the seats where loose. But it was so fun i really want to there again. After we left we went to a near by mall and got games for my psp and his psp.
  • Volyball

    At least 88 people have been killed by a suicide bomb attack at a volleyball court in the troubled north-west of Pakistan, local police say
  • nuggets

    Denver nuggets lose carmelo anthony and choncy billaps. and Nuggets get nicks whole starting line up
  • pipe bomb

    pipe bomb
    a pipe bomb is discovered along the route of the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial march. The bomb, a "viable device" set up to spray marchers with shrapnel and to cause multiple casualties, is defused without any injuries
  • Tsunami

    Just recently a tsunami ocured in japan it is estimets that 20,000 people have died during this tragic event