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My life so far!

By cam247
  • I was born

    I was born at Christchurch Womens Hospital 6 weeks early!
  • First day at school!

    Today was my first day at school! I went to Avondale Primary School in Christchurch! I was lucky to have both my big brother and my big sister there to help me if I needed!
  • End of Primary School!

    This was my last week at priarmy school! Next year I am going to go to Chisnallwood Intermediate school!
  • First day at intermediate!

    Today was my first day at intermediate, I remember sitting in the hall and waiting for my name to be called out as to which class I would be in. I was in room 2 with Mr. Faitaua.
  • Last day of Intermediate and FORMAL!

    Today was an exciting day! not only was I old enough now to leave intermediate, it was also the day of the formal! Mum had made me a purple dress and I was allowed to wear makeup! My friends and I took a BLACK limo to school and it was so cool!
  • First day at high school!

    eee... today was my very first day at high school! It was scary as there were soo many girls there! I went to Avonside Girls High School (AGHS) in Christchurch. My very first form teacher was Ms. Failing. She is American and one of the best teachers I had while at high school! I was lucky enough to be in the same class as my best friend!
  • Joe and Casey

    Joe and I started seeing eachother today.. we made it facebook official.
  • Last day at high school and graduation!

    Today was my last day at high school and I thought I was ready to face the big wide world.. I had no plans so I was just going to work. That night we had our graduation and I was very nervous as I had to speak infront of my whoooollle year group, teachers and family and friends. In the audience was Joe and he said I spoke very well. I got a certificate to say I had graduated.
  • First day at Specsavers

    Today was my first day at Specsavers Optometrist. I was excited to have a new job!
  • 7.1 Earthquake!

    Today was a very scary day! at 3.35 am we were shaken awake my an earthquake that cut the power and damaged lots of buildings, roads and houses. Work was closed for a week while they fixed all the damage at the palms. There were a lot of aftershocks that followed in the following months.
  • Change of location!

    Today was my first at Specsavers CBD. The team here are very friendly and we created some great friendships!
  • Boxing day Earthquake

    I was shopping at Riccarton Westfield when this after shock hit. I was very scary because I was shopping by myself. It took me half an hour to get out of the car park!
  • First day at College!

    Today was my first day at The University of Canterbury, College of Education. It was a nice warm day and I met lots of nice new people!
  • The Feb Earthquake

    Today was my 2nd day at college and during lunchtime we were hit with a 6.3 earthquake that shook the whole school! It was very scary and we hid under a table in the cafe. Uni was closed for a month! Christchurch city was very badly damaged and they think it may take months and months before anyone is allowed back into their businesses in the CBD.
  • First essay hand in!

    Today I handed in my first essay! It is very scary. I hope I get a good mark!