My Life So Far

By teeris
  • Birth

    This is my birth. It's one of the VIE (Very Important Event) in my life. In the picture, it's my first birthday of somebody that I blew the candles off. It was very yummy but I don't know it's still selling or not. It is good, very good feeling.
  • Kumon

    This is the logo of where I learn extra math. You know, it's not so good when you learn long. That also counts me. I've study more than 5 years and now I'm a little bored. But it also counts as fun for me, too!
  • Playing Sports

    Playing Sports
    It's when I first play sports. That is the fun thing to do when I'm a kid. I also think everybody also think like me. It is awesome. Therefore, it's one of my favorites thing. I should bet that you also play when you're a kid!
  • Market

    This is the first market I've ever seen. It's a normal market, not water market. In that time, I'm with my mom and dad. I wanted to buy something but in that time, I can't speak anything. So I just sit in the car, with my saliva sizzing.
  • Timber!

    This is not-so-good event that I saw in my life. It is that when my family is traveling, I saw a logger cutting a tree. In that time, I'm still a baby so I don't know anything to say. It was the most saddest event in that time.I didn't cry, too.
  • Heart Disease

    Heart Disease
    This is my first disease that happens when I'm born. It is like a shame for my mom, and I think so. But in that time, I don't know why it isn't hurting me at all. Now my worstest problem is that I must stay at the hospital for 7 days with my mom.
  • First Vacation

    First Vacation
    It is my 1st vacation and we went to a beach. We played a lot of games. But my favorite part is to play at the ocean! We also saw animals. That is the greatest vacation in the first 5 years.
  • Piano Craziness

    Piano Craziness
    In that time, I start learning piano. My mom hopes that I finish testing Grade 8 Trinity Test before I quit. Now that's the thing my mom says because when I get the certificate, I can teach other people. It is getting bored and I don't know now what to do. So I just learned with boreness and some excitement.
  • Oh my game!

    Oh my game!
    This is the first console of a game that I got. It has loaded lots of FUN! Sometimes in that days, I'm an easy-quitter. But, I mean it's fine. That time, it was the only thing that could cheer me up. But I'm warning you, it's expensive.
  • Swimming

    This is when my mom lets us learn how to swim. It's a little experience with my brother. Still, I'm a little scared. We learn lots of it. And sometimes, it is a crazy party. We learned freestyle, frog, butterfly, and a little more.
  • Olympics

    This is about olympic sports.
  • American Stadium of Food

    American Stadium of Food
    This is my first favorite American restarunt. I ate with my mom, dad, and my brother. It was a very specialized place. In the first time, we didn't ate a lot. But when it's now, we ate more and more.
  • Emu?

    Do you think that this is an emu? The answer is NO! It is a fake emu in a resturant that I liked very much. There is really also a horse barn in there. We ate a lot and tried riding on a horse. It's very hard!
  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool
    This is when my uncle mades me a swimming pool at my house. It is portable and very unstylish (it's old). It is fun even it is small. The first time I gone inside, I emotionaly nearly killed my brother. I could tell that it's near Songkran that we set up the pool. It's fun and I recommend, too.
  • Starting learning.

    Starting learning.
    This is when I'm the new student in RIS. It freaks me out at that time. So that's my first shyest day. But when time past, I alreasy know my classmates and I'm not shy anymore! This is the school that I'll graduate.
  • Trippy Fall

    Trippy Fall
    This is when I trip over a thing. I couldn't tell what is it but it isn't a rock or something on a road. In that time, I'm in school. I felt fine in that time, blood bleeding on my ankle. That is the lastest tripping that happened.
  • Tsunami & Earthquake

    Tsunami & Earthquake
    This is the major event in the beginning of the year. It's born of earthquake 9.0 lt. It happens that it's the 4th hardest earthquake in the history. Now, there are more than 40 countries helping the evacuateable people.I also hope that all people are now safe with more than 10,000,000$.
  • Dollar!

    In the specified time, I get my first dollar. I think that I'm rich. It is a sign for me that I'm going on a right way. But I wish that I have more money. Too bad, I got only 1 dollar. But it's fine for me.
  • Chiang Mai for All!

    Chiang Mai for All!
    This is my 5th time of going to Chiang Mai. The purpose is to see our grandmother's friend.It is really a fun vacation for this year because we got to play snow tube and we got to see Ling-Ping (The mother's panda {Chuang-Chuang} cub that is borrowed from China). It is so cute! OR ELSE, see with your eyes! It's a perfect trip!
  • Osama Bin Laden's Death

    Osama Bin Laden's Death
    This is about his life death. It is that he died because of the special army in U.S.A. killed him. But I'm going to say I'm glad. It's because he is a bad guy that stayes alive for more than 20 years. Are you glad? It's a little sad but good for me.