My Life And My Journey

By naimat
  • About me

    About me
    I was born on 31/12/1996 in Dahmurdah which is in Jaghori Afghanistan. When I was born every one was happy but I was cring. In my area when any baby born the family and relatives sit awake till the morning just like party they celeberate for three night.
  • I went to school.

    I went to school.
    I don't know the exact date when I was going to school and it was abit difficult for me because it was my first time to school. I was dragging my feet that i didn't want to go to school. I read their till year three in the school then I left the school because of some problems.
  • After leaving school my life.

    After leaving school my life.
    As i left school, I started working with my father his shop and helping my parent in their work. It was very time for me because of that my father take me out of school.
  • I migrated.

    I migrated.
    when the condition of my area was going worse and worse than me and my family migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan. we spent one day in the way to Pakistan. It was very difficult for us and I was very scared because we were entring Pakistan illagelly.
  • I studied english language.

    I studied english language.
    After few months of my migration from Afghanistan to Pakistan I went to learn English language. I was working as well at the same time. Learning English Language was new thing for me to learn and it was difficult for me. I was having a great in the language centre because I was participating in every competition and I was working very hard to get succeed in the competition.
  • My journey towards Australia.

    My journey towards Australia.
    I left Pakistan in Aprail. I went to malysia and than indonesia. I passed 14 days in this way than i reached to chrismas island. After one month I was transfered to Melbourne camp and now I am in community detention centre under my careers. At that time when I was in Pakistan the same problem started again in Quetta,Pakistan as well then my mother sent me in this way.
  • I started learning in Collingwood English Language School.

    I started learning in Collingwood English Language School.
    I have been in Collingwood English Language School about a month and I am enjoying learning over here because I have magnificient teahers and friendly classfellow.