My Life after High School

  • Period: to


    Going to community college while taking care of a new born infant.
  • Period: to


    moved into my first apartment me and my daughter working a part time job.
  • Period: to

    moved back home for a sort period of time

  • Period: to

    moving into a more affordable place close to family

    working a good job living good with me and my one child very happy.
  • Period: to

    Back on track again

    Went to National Institue Technolgy to obtain a Diploma as a Certified Medical Assitant.
  • Period: to

    having my 2nd child

    Had my second child who was a boy while asking myself how crazy am I to have a 2nd child after 6 years. crazy huh
  • Period: to

    My third child now put me on bedrest for the last trimester

    After getting put on bedrest I must say I had a great pregnancy .
  • diagnose with sleep apena

    trying to ajust to sleeping with a cpap machine ,now thats hard. A life change
  • Laid Off The Best Job ever

    Laid off Quicken loan were me and my daughter enjoyed life alot not issues.
  • Period: to

    Life with three kids and single

    Realizing that life is not easy raising three kids alone with half help.
  • peace of mind

    seperated from someone that made me unhappy for 10 years...why stay? Right
  • Period: to

    Back on Track Again

    started working in the medical field in a urgent care full time with benifits after being in between jobs for the last couple years.
  • Period: to

    Return for learning

    Return to school after 8 years to follow my dream to become a registerd nurse.