My Life

Timeline created by mattmc.lovin
  • Born

    I was born in Tomah Wisconsin when my mom was 18 and my dad was 17. This is stage 1(trust vs. Mistrust)
    My mom was young and trying to work so I spent alot of my time with my aunt. I developed trust with her. I developed mistrust with my parents maybe cause I wasn't with them as much but I trust them now.
  • Day care at next generation now

    I went to day care at this ghetto run down dirty place in racine. I think This is __________ because...
  • elementary school #1

    I went to Roosevelt Elementary school at another dirty ghetto school.
  • first time smoking pot

    first time smoking pot
    I was curious, so i smoked out a apple. and it was a mistake because i then started smoking alot all during my middle school years and lacked the motivation i needed to pass school.
  • hung out with the wrong crowd

    hung out with the wrong crowd
    I found myself surrounded by gangbangers and stoners. and i followed rather than leaving and going my own way. This is stage 5(identity vs. Role confusion)
    When I was hanging out with the moldy blueberries, I was beginning to get moldy also. I did not know who I was or wanted to be, so I followed others and then started following bad behaviors.
  • kicked out of school

    kicked out of school
    I had possession of a "weapon" and was kicked out of school. but later was reinlisted. and charges were dropped.
  • cut ties with wrong people

    cut ties with wrong people
    I decided to cut ties with the crowd, and try and fix up my life. I was on the wrong path and needed to stop affiliating myself around screw ups. You are who you be with.
  • relationship

    I got together with Stacy, and she was a big impact on my change as a person, me two years ago and me today are completely different, I even cut my hair cause I didn't want to look the same as the "old matt" This is step 6(intimacy vs. Isolation)
    I got with Stacy when I was still messing up. She helped me get through everything and get my life back on track. Me and her are now a package deal and are in this together. I found myself in her and she found herself in me.
  • + got saved +

    + got saved +
    I accepted jesus as my lord and savior and believed that God raised him from the dead.
  • Married

    I get married to the beautiful, stacy obenauf(moore).
  • job at nike corporation running things

    job at nike corporation running things
    Got a job being the boss, makin bank, and gettin shoes
  • twins

    i have kids, melani and malina
  • life evaluations

    This is stage 8(integrity vs. Despair)
    So overal, the beginning of life sucked and I was going down the wrong path. But I found Jesus and Stacy, and with them I got my life back on track. They say baptism is like being reborn, and after I got baptized I felt like a new person. I felt cleansed of all sin and didn't want to be worldly anymore, I wanted to be Godly.