My life

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  • Born

    I was born 2010 may 19
  • My first ever birthday!

    On my first ever birthday I wanted it to be a monkey birthday. We had it in my grandma's house we swam played partied but that's about all I can remember but of course I remember breaking my first piñata
  • First time to school!

    My first time at school. My mom says I was exited but afraid at the same time and that I wanted my parents to stay with me all the time or else i would start crying
  • I moved to a new house!

    When I was moving into a new house before it started building I used to walk with my parents to see the progress they've made. I was so exited to move to a bigger house because our old house was pretty small
  • I got a brother!!!

    For 2 whole years i have been an only child but on the day January 10 2013 I had a brother a boy. i was jumping of exactment and asked my parents question's about baby's and other things relate
  • Period: to

    IMA BIG BOY NOW or so I thought

    I did it I'm now a kindergartener I have finished nursery and I thought I was now I big boy like I was 7 years old when I was only 5 and so.
  • I learned how to swim

    So me and my family were at the pool and all and my dad wanted to teach me how to swim without floats. Of course like any child at my age i was to afraid and I said maybe when I`m older. When i got out of the pool for a glass of water I was gonna jump at the shallow point of the pool. At the deep side in the bottom of the pool were dolphins on the floor and my dad said come look at these dolphins. at in a blink of an I i find myself mid-air about to fall in the pool. I was so scared I swam FML.
  • I have a second brother

    I remember the time i got me second brother i remember the day perfectly. I was at my cousins house and we have just finished watching a movie when we wait
  • I slightly mature boy now

    My years of primary school have started. I was ready since I was a start student in kindergarten although it was scary i made it then i thought i was superman and started getting naughty and let my guard down and was not a star student so I had to upper my game.
  • I started gaming

    I started gaming when I was 7 years old. I tired to find a game that i would enjoy first it was spiderman,horizon,fortnite now it's call of duty. Personally i love gaming and technology and i feel like it's my specialty.
  • I is now goku from anime he just scream

    I started karate and made it until 2019 then i quit. I made it to brown belt level one. One of the reasons were to fight and that helped with my anger issues.
  • I travelled a lot that year

    I went to Antalya and Istanbul.
    We stayed there for like 2 weeks and i went to one of if not the biggest water slide in my life.
  • Its corona time

    the world was on a pandemic by a virus called corona.
    I got it to and it came to some of my family as well.