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  • i was born

    i was born
    i was born on July 18th ,2005
  • greyson was born

    greyson was born
    Greyson was born August 26th.he likes to draw and read . he also likes to play with me .Greyson's favorite food is bananas and certain candies like left Twix and Airheads and hershey's chocolate and raisenetts. Greyson likes to spend time with his friends and do a lot of other stuff outside and inside to. Grayson's favorite thing to do is rest and spend time with Mommy. Is best friend's name is holden Morgan. Our last name is Morgan to isn't that funny.Greyson was born at night
  • i broke my leg!!!

    i broke my leg!!!
    in 2012 i was 5 when i broke my leg by sledding down Murphy hill ,in Auburn NY. i broke my leg because of my dad .he was yelling at to jump off because there was a tree in front of me like 20 yards away.i knew that the tree was in front of me but my dad was yelling at me witch got me distracted and made me turn my head around and then my leg went straight up because i hit the dad was drunk at that he carried me over his back and didn't even take me to the hospital.
  • i broke my wrist!!!

    i broke my wrist!!!
    in 2011 i was 7 years old and i was on the playground in Auburn NY at the elementary genesee school on the play ground fire truck .i was on the back of it and some boy pushed me and i hit my wrist on a medal bar and then fell on it .that day i had to go to the hospital and get a cast .i remember falling down and landing on my wrist and i started crying .the nurse immediately called my mom and then i went to the hospital that day. during school my brother had to help me carry my tray.
  • moving

    in 2013 i was 9 yrs old and we moved from Auburn to Moravia.i had to do second grade 2x and on the 1st day of 2nd grade i walked into my classroom,my mom left and then i started to cry.that day i made a new best friend and her name was lita .she was really nice to me too! i was in mrs.coningsbys and she was really nice .
  • Chance &Fat Cat

    Chance &Fat Cat
    We found These 2 in the back of our garage 2 years ago and surprisingly they both still had there umbilical cords on them and they both had flies surrounding them.We named him chance because i said he's lucky he had a chance to survive ,but his nick name was rolley pulley because he liked to roll all over the table .We named Fat cat fat cat because she was a chubby little kitten and she is a cat and she was fat so that's why we named her Fat they are 2 years old and fat cat is skinny .
  • Fuzzybear

    we got Fuzzy bear 2 years ago .in 2015 Fuzzy bear 1 of 16 puppies but 2 of them died and was born with the 2nd litter .
  • my pets

    my pets
    i got a cat and a dog that are both 2 years old.there names are fuzzy bear ,my dog and chance my cat .i found chance at the back of the garage .my moms dog had fuzzy bear .

    we got pigs in 2016.there names were piggly and wiggly .they were piglets .we got then from my dads friends farm .when i grab 1 of them from the pen they were SQUEALING like a fire truck.i bet you ,the neighbors could here them from a mile away!!! LOL.they got to see there 2nd winter this year but then after Christmas my dad had to slaughter them because pigs cant be over 300 pnds or else they will be a waste of meat dad says but i think there pets .
  • i am 12 yrs old now

    i am 12 yrs old now
    i am 12 years old now and my b-day is in July in the summer .for my b-day we usually go to Emerson park to celebrate it but we haven't the past couple yrs because of blue-green algae also known as cyanobacteria .the cyanobacteria has been growing there and scientists are trying to figure out how to stop it .but for my b-day we usually go to a restaurant or have a fancy dinner and throw a party
  • 7th grade

    7th grade
    in 7th grade there is lots of home work to do .but the turn back is if you get your homework done on time and you get no strikes you get to go on really fun 3 strike trips and you get to go on field trips too!!! im just saying if you try your hardest in 7th grade you will do better in 8th grade .
  • Period: to

    live and then die

    i want to live until i'm 100 witch is 88 years from now or i want to beat the world record .