My Life

  • born

    i waa born at the private mater hospital in brisbane, mater is latin for mother and this hospital is still running today.
  • Started at school

    Started at school
    my pre school was out the front of camira state school, i really enjoyed school although i hadn't spent much time around other kids because i was in hospital. due to this happening i later had to repeat my first year as i didn't have good social skills.
  • Asthma attacks

    Asthma attacks
    i became a bad asthmatic
  • My Brother was born

    it was different having a new brother because i was so use to playing on my own and being treated spoilt. then i had to share. i now get alone with my brother pretty well although we do have our arguements as there is a 5 year age gap between us
  • Repeated pre school

    Repeated pre school
    had to repeat due to missing so much school, from Asthma attacks.
  • Met my best freind (Dean Canning)

    Met him at school in grade 5. we became friends through his cousin after he moved here from WA, he just so happened to live down the road from me and we would hang out every day and do fun stuff. we are currently still going to the same school and still do fun stuff together to this day.
  • Graduated Primary

    i liked my primary school expecrence i do miss everyone but it did make me realise who my real friends are.
  • Parents broke up

    my parents breaking up did effect me abit as it wasn't a good break up there was abit of fighting and i found it effected my grades and friendships at school as i was too worried about my family although everything is ok now and i'm happy about that although my parents arnt friends and still argue about selling our house, it brings up problems but i learnt to deal with it.
  • started at high school

    started at high school
    i started at saint peter claver with my best mates and i didn't really like it at first because i hated my teachers and i sturggled to read in front of my class mates and i refused to do it although i love the high school now as i have alot more supporting friends and i understand the teachers only want to help me.
  • started working at McDonalds

    started working at McDonalds
    i have been working there 10 months now. i do enjoy working at McDonalds although there is abit of drama some times which i try and keep out of because i just prefuer to work as i'm not really there to make friends, but i have made friends there and it is a very laid back place to work because everyone is chilled out except the managers
  • work begins to get harder at school

    school work gets harder and more stressful with family and friends issues although i prevailed and started working harder getting B's and A's
  • got my L's

    got my L's
    i got 2 questions wrong although i passed the test and currently have 65 hours.
  • my future

    my future
    i hope to be in a apperentiship or full time job. living on my own or with a friend hopfully in an apartment. i want to be there for my brother in his later years of school and help him out with what ever i can.